an invitation to our exclusive ambassador program, created for our most loyal Mech family members.

how it works:

Visit Vape Shops

As if you needed another reason.

Rep your family

You know you love us. Now, you can let everyone know how much you love to get Sauce'd.

Get Paid

Earn cash towards that new flavor you've been eyeing.

they say 'do what you love'...

Mech Sauce Affordable Eliquid

Picture this: Your local vape shop. You love it, and you visit often enough that they know you by name. You walk in and scan shelf after shelf of products, but you're let down when you discover they don't carry Mech Sauce's lineup of premium e-juice. Disappointed, you pay for your items and leave. But what if it didn't have to end there?

The goal of our Ambassador program is simple: spread the news about your favorite Mech Sauce flavors to your local vape shops, and get rewarded (we're talking real money here) when they end up on the shelves, and every recurring order afterwards. That's it! There's no schedule to commit to, and no limit to how much you can earn. Do what you love, and now, be rewarded for it too.


our Ambassadors recieve:


of the amount of every
initial order

all initial orders must be $500 minimum
$75 commission


of the amount of every

all re-orders must be $250 minimum
no limit on commission


The minimum age to participate in our Ambassador program is 18.
As of right now, our ambassadors may only operate in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington state.
All ambassadors must complete a pre-employment application and W-9. In addition, you must have a valid driver's license.
In order to stay an active ambassador, you must acquire at least 4 new orders monthly.


Most frequent questions and answers

You don’t have to pay a cent to start. We do ask for your entire soul though- as long as you’re cool with that we are too.

All ambassadors must be 18 years of age, or older. If you don’t meet that requirement, please click the red “x” located at the top right of your browser window.

We start you off with one Mech Box, which includes a variety of our flavors, handpicked for you, in 5 120ml bottles. If you run out, 4 initial orders per month gets you more product for wholesalers to sample.

We are available for any assistance you may need via phone, DM or email. Just reach out to us!

are you in?

Ready to rep the Mech Family? We want to know more about you! Below is a link to our Ambassador Program application form, please click the link and fill out the application per the instructions. Once it's complete, please allow some time and a representative of the Mech Sauce team will be in contact with you.