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We’ve all been in a situation where choosing was hard. There’s literally millions of vape juice flavors available, and tons of different options when it comes to quality. From fruity cereal vape juice to blueberry cotton candy e-liquid, there’s vape flavors for every color under the rainbow. 

Our staff has worked tirelessly to bring you the best guide for the finding your perfect vape juice flavor, the best e juice, and the best practices for vaping your newest flavors.

Everything VAPE JUICE

Learn everything there is about vape juice, from history to best practices today. 


Our staff has compiled a short, sweet list of our favorite vape juice flavors in the Mech Sauce Line Up


There's countless vape juice flavors available to choose from, so brush up your e-liquid.

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Everything Vape Juice

How The hell did vaping start?

When people around you start talking about mad clouds and daily vapes, it’s normal to be a little confused. It’s hard to keep up with trends, so much so we had to write an article so we could keep up.


Vaping is the act of vaporizing a delicious vape liquid (also known as vape juice, or vape sauce) via a vaporizing machine; usually called a “box-mod.” What’s the point?


Vaping: Treating Pissed Off Cigarette Smokers Worldwide


In many cases, these vape liquids are infused with nicotine, and allow a safer method for smokers to tame down their habit. From the dawn of ages, us humans have really enjoyed smoking. What we haven’t enjoyed is the impact on our bodies, which has lead to massive regulation and change world wide over the last century. Try talking to your average teenager about cigarettes today and you’ll find very few have a positive view towards “cancer sticks.”


It seems then, that vaping has come at a time where it’s needed most. A time when demand is growing larger than ever, and everyone from millennials to your grandma is making the switch. What gives?


To really understand the vapor wave (no pun intended) that has swept over the world, we’ve gotta go back.

True or false?

False. While vaping is significantly less harmful than tobacco, studies still show that somewhere around 1% of people who regularly vape can develop symptoms of cancer. Whether there is direct causation is not yet clear. 

False. On average, people who vape save $2,300 yearly over their cigarette smoking counterparts.

False! Cigarettes are known to contain 4,000+ separate chemicals, with over 400 additives that fuel addiction and cancer development. In contrast, e-juice is made up of just 4. 

Mostly False. While we might be biased, we think that smelling strawberry milkshake or fruity pebbles in the air is much better than stale tobacco. 

inventor of the best vape juice

Herbert A. Gilbert Was A Genius Time Traveling Inventor Who Chose The Wrong Arrival Date

The very first e-cigarette was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. He patented a “smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette”, though the resulting prototypes garnered little attention, likely due to the rise in popularity for smoking during that time. Back then, smelling like a dirty casino was considered the coolest scent next to Chanel. Vaping as we know and love wasn’t destined to come into the world until nearly 50 years later.


A health epidemic swept over our schools in the early 90s. Suddenly every 8 year old had the images of tar filled lungs scarred into their brains. DARE began to entice, I mean warn kids everywhere about the dangers of tobacco. In the absence of demand, a new form of comfort was created. People began to think back to that Herbert Gilbert guy and realized he was actually a time traveler that miscalculated his time to shine by half a century.


Anti-Tobacco Campaigns Were Too Effective (But We Aren’t Complaining)


With the world hating cigarettes more than ever, smokers realized they had even more reasons to feel self-conscious. As a result, The next attempt at commercializing an e-cigarette wasn’t until 2003- when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and inventor patented the modern day e-cigarette as we know it. Hon Lik’s first e-cig consisted of a battery, a plastic cartridge containing a nicotine solution suspended in propylene glycol (PG), and an ultrasonic atomizer. His invention was intended as a safer alternative to smoking, and the first e-cigarette was introduced to the Chinese market in 2004, as well as European and US markets in 2006-2007. Like always, we were a little behind in the hype. Luckily the pioneers of the vaping world established a seed of dedication and culture that spawned a new generation of “vapers.”.

It wasn’t until the early 2010’s that vaping became what it is today. When e-cigarettes were first introduced they provided a really average smoking experience, yet for hundreds of dollars. The novelty seemed out of reach for everyone but a Dubai Prince, and even they were looking for a better solution.

Being Broke Spawned the Box Mod.

Lucky for us,  DIY vaperneers sought out a more efficient and (more importantly) cost-effective device. Enthusiasts began to homebrew their own vaporizer enhancements, leading to the creation of the modern vape mod. Combined with the falling price of vapor technology and vape juice, these events are what lead to what vaping is today. Nearly over night smoker’s dirty habit became a cool new trend, and they overcame their childhood fear of black, tar covered lungs thanks to the newfound health advantages of vaping over combusting.

A wave of vape flavors began to sweep the market. As others were learning, so were we! We introduced our yummy vape flavors at the height of the wave to accommodate you with genuinely delicious freaking vape sauce. Our fans loved our flavors, and we’re happy to say they liked a few other manufactures as well. As a result, the industry is larger than ever, with more vape flavors (and competition) than ever before! We’ve grown in size and distribution capability at a rate faster than ever-  wanna know why?

Vape Juice is Safer

Vaping gigantic clouds has an appeal that can’t be matched by a cigarette. Did you know it’s actually healthier too?

One of the reasons vaping is so popular today is because it is so much safer than tobacco, particularly cigarettes. Decades of research have proven smoking cigarettes to be one of the most harmful activities a person can engage in. Around half of all long-term smokers will die prematurely from its effects on their bodies. One of the biggest killers among smokers, for example, is cancer. However, vaping does not pose nearly the same risk for cancer and other illnesses that smoking cigarettes does. When your lungs inhale the combustion of cigarette smoke, they hunker down and cry in agony over the course of time while suffocating as dirty tar ends their ability to breath slowly and steadily. In contrast,  E-cigarettes and vapes don’t burn tobacco or any plant material at all, instead they tickle your lungs with sweet, delicious vapor.

To Everyone Reading This Asking “What’s the Catch?”

People should be aware that there are known carcinogens in vapor, but they don’t pose much of a risk to vapers due to how tiny the amount that’s produced is. We’re not going to claim that vaping is good for you, but we are going to tell you it’s a-lot healthier on your poor lungs than a death sentence of suffocation by tar.  


Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of leaving this world partying and you could care less about your lungs. You’re at least going to need to save money to help with the rest of your self-destructive habits. Another attractive benefit of vaping is the low cost compared to smoking cigarettes. Largely because of the hefty tax imposed on them, a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. today would cost between $5-15. If you smoke a pack per day, that could easily translate to $2000-$6000 per year. Vaping can be a cheap or as expensive as you make it. There’s a flavored vape juice and a vape mod at every price point for every individual. The sky’s the limit in regards to how much you can save, or spend, on vaping.


Sometimes The Government Hates Good Ideas


Regardless of the benefits of vaping, it has been an uphill battle. The industry has experienced misleading comparisons to traditional cigarettes and strict FDA regulations have been placed on manufacturers. Despite this, the vape industry is alive and well. The vaping community continues to grow both in size and innovation, with events and competitions held all over the world to celebrate this constantly evolving and exciting industry. But where is it headed? Experts have varying opinions. Some say they can see vaping becoming more accepted in our society, whereas others strongly believe that there are more hurdles that still lie ahead, and that a clear line needs to be drawn between vaping and tobacco. Get involved with your local vape advocacy groups and help the movement become bigger and better than ever before.

What it boils down to

Vaping is a permanent industry in the world today, and it’s only going to get bigger. Millions of people just like you are making the switch from smoking to vaping, and we really hope you’re one of them! If not, learn more about vaping on our blog, or on vaping forums. There’s tons of resources to educate yourself and make the change from the Dark Side. We don’t have cookies, but we do have cookie flavored vape juice.


Vaping is healthier for you than smoking will ever be, and your family is going to thank you for caring about your lungs enough to switch. Your dog is going to thank you for smelling like food instead of tar. Nobody wants to be that person that the dog growls at, admit it.


And even more importantly, vaping and vape liquids are cheaper than traditional cigarettes in every single way. People have reported savings of $5,000 or more. That’s the same cost as a 2005 Civic.  Imagine being able to buy a new used car every year, if that’s not freedom what is?


Save yourself some medical bills and asthma attacks, go check out our store, or scroll down to learn about our favorite vape juice flavors in our 2018 lineup.


The Facts

Years of Life

The average smoker has an expected life expectancy that is 10 years shorter on average than vape users. 

Vaping is clean

Dollars saved Yearly

At $3,600 a year average, smokers spend $2,300 more every year for their pack a day habit than those that vape. 

vaping is smart

Million People Vaping

Vaping is more popular than ever before. With 9 million and counting in the USA today, more switch now than ever.

vaping is now

What Makes the Best E Juice?


vape juice global icon



sweet vape flavors





steeping vape juice icon


Starting from the roots

If you’re like the rest of us, you like really good flavor. Custardy cake, mouthwatering milkshakes, crumbly candy, sweet cereal, honestly we love ‘em all. What’s crazy is that these delicious foods have been transformed by Mech Sauce (and some other people too) to be vaped right out of your own box-mod. How in the hell do we fit a strawberry cake into 30ml of gooey, delicious e-liquid? Luckily we don’t mind sharing secrets, but you better pay attention.

There’s a science and a craftsmanship that goes into every vape flavor. One of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing your vape juice is the quality of its ingredients. While vaping is now larger than ever, there are still tons of mistakes made in manufacturing and distribution buy companies and DIY’ers world-wide. Let’s delve into what makes a quality e-juice. Surprisingly there’s just four parts, so we’ll be quick!

Rich & Crafted Flavor

Part one is the flavor.

Vape flavors come from all different sources and places. Many DIY’ers have created some astounding flavors, but as with all things DIY there is potential risk. It’s important to choose an e-liquid that comes from a reputable source, and that the flavor profile within has been tested for smokability and daily vapability. Every one of our vape-flavors are sourced by The Mech Sauce Team, and tested for safety and health. Even more importantly, our flavors are tested for taste and duration. We infuse our bases with rich, creamy flavor profiles that you’ll want to taste over and over again. We don’t claim to be the only vape-juice makers, but we do know this:

Many vape juice manufacturers offer bases with low-quality flavors, poorly measured nicotine ratios, and potentially harmful additives to increase their reach and spread. Always do your due diligence to ensure that what you’re vaping is safe for your body. In the meantime, take peace knowing we’ve got you covered.

Perfect PreParations

The Second and Third parts of an E-Liquid deal with the VG and PG ratios.

If you’ve seen a massive vape cloud recently it’s because it consisted of something called VG (Vegetable Glycerin.) Vegetable Glycerin sounds like something you’d find in your Grandma’s cake, and that’s because you probably would. VG is used all throughout industries from medicine to food, and derives from a simple fat, making it a great base for vape flavors. In general, vape cloud madness increases directly with VG ratio. So if you’re trying to impress the dude at the red-light in front of you, go with a higher VG content.

Also commonly found in e liquid is PG, or Propylene Glycol. Where else is this non-toxic liquid found? Anti-freeze. Before you close this page in horror, you should know that PG is put into Antifreeze because it is non-toxic, thus making PG-Based Antifreeze safer for children and pets. Water also is a main ingredient in Antifreeze, but we don’t know that anyone could successfully lobby against H20. In truth, PG serves as nothing more than a sweet-odourless base to carry vape-flavors better, but with smaller clouds. Many anti-vape organizations claim that e-liquid contains anti-freeze, we’ll let you derive your own conclusion here. What’s really important is this: The higher PG content, the better your flavor, and the less-dense your clouds will be. As far as your health, there’s virtually zero risk to PG inhalation, although some do report that higher PG amounts make them nauseous. If you’re one of those people, try a e-liquid with a higher VG ratio.


The last element to nearly any vape juice is Nicotine. Or rather, the question of Nicotine at all.

Nicotine, a drug mainly known for its association with cigarettes, is a-lot like your misunderstood Uncle at the party that got involved with the wrong crowd awhile back, but has since made a turnaround for the better. You see, Nicotine by itself is widely debated as to its harm to the human body. The general consensus though is that nearly all of the risks associated with smoking come from the combustion of the additives within cigarettes, not the nicotine itself.

That being said, Nicotine is addictive. Cigarettes use this addictive property to keep people coming back, over and over again. However Nicotine is not the only addictive ingredient in Cigarettes. For this reason, vape juice has served as an important health benefit to the community, especially former smokers. Vape juice is much healthier than the conventional white, cancer-causing counterpart. However if you add nicotine, it’s going to be more addictive than otherwise.

This means if you combine our delicious fruity pebble flavored vape-juice with nicotine, you’re probably going to want more. We offer nicotine free options as well, as we know not everyone wants to be that attached. Wherever you’re at in your journey with Nicotine, we care about your health first and foremost. 

Always choose wisely when it comes to your vape flavors and manufacturers. It’s more common than you would think to be confused about your different options and availability with so many vape juice flavors available to the market today. 

Keep tabs on our Blog for more vape juice information and guides. Spend some time with us and you’re sure to be a vape-juice expert. 

Our Top 10 E Juices

too hard to choose?

We get just how hard it is to have too many options to choose from. If it were up to us we'd keep you stuck here forever but our vape juice is even better than our pictures. To make your life easier, we put together a top 10 list of the best vape juice flavors. Seriously, we've got a flavor for everyone and anyone.

You'll want to sweeten your mood with the childhood nostalgia of Fruity Cereal via Ban Hammer. Maybe even more, you'll want to gorge out on the thick strawberry milky flavors of our Mech Sauce. Whatever your mood, we've got your back.

Click below to learn more, then scroll down to read our top 10.

how to choose the best vape flavors











Cinnamon Dream

"Cinnamon Dream is my go-to flavor whenever I get a sweet breakfast craving. It tastes JUST like I'm biting into a warm and gooey cinnamon bun and never disappoints."- Perry A. (Storefront Sales Manager)

best cinnamon vape juice
Vape Profile
Smooth and Warm
Lasting Aftertaste
Sweet Tooth Satisfaction
Daily Vapability

Hawaiian Headbutt

"Super sweet and tangy. Curbs the strawberry and mango cravings when they're not in season."- Jamie C. (Customer Service Representative)

premium mango strawberry flavored e-juice
Vape Profile
Sweet and Tangy
Fruity and Vibrant
Fresh Clear Throat Hits
Daily Vapability

Berry Sabotage

"Reminds me of being a kid, eating a bowl of cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons. I still watch the cartoons. I just don't have to get cereal everywhere now."- Becky G. (Bottle and Label Quality Assurance)

Vape Profile
Nostalgic Childhood Feelings
Sweet and Fruity
Daily Vapability

Mech Sauce

"Mech Sauce is a carefully crafted flavor, and it's obvious from the first inhale. It's creamy and rich like butterscotch, but isn't too sweet."- Samantha H. (Customer Service Representative)

Mech Sauce premium butterscotch custard flavored e-juice
Vape Profile
Rich and Creamy
Craving Satisfaction
Smooth and Warm
Daily Vapability

Ban Hammer

"I can never be without a bottle of this stuff. Tastes JUST like fruity cereal, makes huge clouds too!"- Michelle H. (Human Resources/Risk Manager)

Vape Profile
Nostalgic Childhood Feelings
Cerealy Sweetness
Vibrant Fruity Aftertaste
Daily Vapability

Captain Loopy

"My absolute favorite flavor. It's so smooth when you hit it, and I never get tired of the taste either. Every hit is a fruity surprise."- Ryan M. (Clean Room Tech)

Vape Profile
Nostalgic Childhood Feelings
Tucan Protection
Savory Sweetness
Daily Vapability

Empress Milk

"HUGE clouds. Super rich strawberry custard. Dope and delicious."- Jordan C. (Clean Room Supervisor)

strawberry custard flavored e-juice
Vape Profile
Grandma's Strawberry Cake
Fluffy Vape Clouds
Creamy Throat Tickler
Daily Vapability

Batter Up

My favorite flavor is Batter Up. Batter Up in my opinion is the perfect flavor for any occasion. The bold, yet smooth strawberry cake batter never fails to amaze me with the perfectly balanced amounts if the bakery and sweet taste we all love so much!! Every time I vape Batter up, it’s like the first time all over again."- Don Henley, Jr. (Partner)

Premium quality and flavor at affordable prices
Vape Profile
Thick Rich Flavor
Sweet (but Tangy) After Taste
Top Quality Craving Satisifcation
Daily Vapability


"Turns out this vape flavor was the antidote to my strawberry shortcake addiction. The strawberry offers a nice fruity base, and the whipped cream taste compliments it perfectly."- Andrew Henley (Partner)

premium strawberry shortcake flavored e-juice - Mech Sauce
Vape Profile
Overall Enjoyment
Flavor Duration and Aftertaste
Daily Vapability
Snake Bite Protection
Staff Top Pick

Mech Milk

"Mech Milk is my favorite flavor. The smell matches the taste. The taste is exactly like a Strawberry Milk Shake and helps curb the cravings for shakes."- Jordan H. (Process Supervisor)

Mech Sauce Mech Milk - Premium strawberry milkshake flavored e-juice: Mech Sauce
Vape Profile
Creamy and Thick Vape Clouds
Sweet and Savory Aftertaste
Fruity and Vibrant Falvor Profile
Daily Vapability

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