Mech Sauce EJuices Are in A Class All Their Own

Talk to new vapers and seasoned veterans and they’ll all agree that Mech Sauce is in a league of its own. Why are our ejuices held in such high esteem? There are many reasons, and we’ll cover a few of them on this page. If you’re ready to taste the most delicious vape liquids on the market, check out our online store now and start to taste the difference that Mech Sauce can make! On this page, you will find tons of information about what makes Mech Sauce stand alone, our different flavors, info on upcoming flavors, and fun facts about our company and the delicious e-liquids that we make! This page is updated frequently, so keep checking back to stay on top of all of the exciting stuff that’s going on at Mech Sauce HQ!

What Makes Mech Sauce Different

When you go to a vape store or gas station to refill your vape, chances are good that you don’t know exactly where your e-liquids come from. At Mech Sauce, we’re different. Our commitment to quality starts at the beginning. Every bottle that we make is mixed using the highest-quality pharmaceutical ingredients that we can find. Sure, we could save money and buy cheaper materials, but we don’t believe that that is the right way to keep our customers happy. We believe in providing you with ejuice that meets the strictest standards of quality because it is what we demand as consumers.

We Make All of Our Ejuices in Our Own Facility

After we have the best ingredients we can find, each batch of vape juice is made in our own ISO7 clean room and sterile compounding facility. This level of attention to cleanliness and control allows us to set and follow the incredibly high standards that we live by and others can’t, or won’t, be able to meet. One of the advantages to using our own facility is that we don’t have to count on someone else to maintain the equipment. Instead, we know that it is working the way that it should be because we check and recheck everything to keep it functioning at peak efficiency.

Your Favorite Flavors Taste the Same Every Time

Every batch of e-liquid has been carefully tested again and again in order to keep the flavors and textures as delicious as possible. If something isn’t quite right with a batch, we start over. When you shop with Mech Sauce, your favorite flavors will keep tasting like your favorite flavors thanks to our stringent quality-control measures that prioritizes consistency and quality above all else.

We Control Every Step of the Process

After we have created these intensely flavorful e-liquid blends, we bottle and ship them straight to you from our facility. Not only does this mean that the ejuices you receive are fresher, it also means that you save a lot of money when you vape with Mech Sauce. Since our facility is located right here in the USA, the liquids you receive arrive at your doorstep faster and without having to go through a middleman. Clients around the country, and the world, love Mech Sauce because we ship fast and we ship safely.

Save Money When You Buy Mech Sauce Vape Juices

Our shipping speed is just one one of the benefits of ordering from Mech Sauce. Another perk that every bottle of Mech Sauce ejuice comes with is the increased savings. While our vape juices are of the highest possible quality, they are priced like a bargain e-liquid. How is this possible, you wonder? For all of the reasons listed above: we make everything here in the US, we bottle and ship from our own facility, and we trust only the best retailers to sell our products. We don’t have crazy marketing schemes to pay for, either, so we don’t have to charge you to cover any unnecessary costs.

Our E-Liquids Taste and Feel Just Right

What all of this means for you is a vaping experience that is above and beyond what you might experience with other ejuices. Mech Sauce offers finely tuned flavors that perfectly mimic the flavors we were trying to recreate, whether they’re some of your favorite breakfast cereals, desserts, or the flavor of earthy, rich tobacco. We perfectly balance VG and PG so that you can enjoy the right throat hit and a smooth, deep flavor with large, thick clouds that look great and smell incredible!

Mech Sauce Retailers

If you’re at your local vape shop and you see Mech Sauce there, pick up a bottle! We work with a select number of brick and mortar retailers to bring our delicious flavors and great prices to a wider range of vapers! We ship to our retail partners quickly, so you can vape easy knowing that the bottles on their shelves are as fresh as possible! If you run a vape shop and you want to start carrying Mech Sauce, please contact us for wholesale e-liquid prices and distribution information. We love to work with retailers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality e-liquids on the market to their customers.

The Best Cereal-Flavored Ejuices

One of the most exciting things about e-liquids is their ability to take on almost any flavor you can imagine. Thanks to years of dedication by committed flavor experts, we can add flavors as simple as your favorite fruit or something as complex as a dessert filled with many different ingredients to your next batch of vape juice. Here, you’ll find some of our tastiest cereal-flavored e-liquids! Order from Mech Sauce today for an unbeatable number of delicious, premium e-liquids that are certain to satisfy even the most discerning palate! We make all of our vape juices in the United States in our own lab that meets or exceeds the most stringent quality standards. Since we make, package, and ship our e-liquids in-house, you save tons of money. Where other retailers might be content to charge you more, we believe in passing on our savings to you!
Lucky Arms
When you need a little extra luck (and tons of flavor), pick up a bottle of this delicious vape juice! With the taste of tasty marshmallows, toasted oats, and the creaminess of milk, this one is bound to become a new favorite!
When you’re looking for something simple, a little sweet, and completely delicious, try Poof! Every hit is full of honey-dipped cereal greatness with a smooth hint of creamy milk!
Fruit Hoops
Fruity hoop cereal is one of everyone’s childhood favorites! Get all of the taste with none of the calories wherever you are with Fruit Hoops from Mech Sauce!
Rice Crispy Treats
For the ridiculously amazing taste of marshmallows, sweet cream, and crispy rice cereal whenever and wherever you are, pick up a bottle of Rice Crispy Treats ejuice today!
Berry Sabotage
Berry Sabotage blends the incredible essence of berry crunch cereal with a creamy, milky exhale!
Ban Hammer
Based on one of the sweetest, tastiest cereals ever, this vape juice brings those little bits of crispy, fruity cereal together with a milky smooth exhale! Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the cereal-flavored ejuices that we have here at Mech Sauce, make sure to order a bottle (or a few!) of your favorite flavors and make vaping as fun and tasty as you always hoped it could be! Browse our huge selection and stay tuned to the Mech Sauce blog to stay informed about our newest flavors and any specials we might be running!  

The Best Fruit-Flavored Ejuices

  When you have a craving for your favorite fruit but you don’t have any on hand, reach for one of our delicious fruity e-liquids!
Gorilla Snot
Whether it’s the middle of the summer or deep into winter, transport yourself to the tropics with this incredible banana and mango flavor of e-liquid!
Melon Breeze
For a chilly, sweet, and rich flavor treat, try Melon Breeze! We’ve perfectly blended the taste of melon with the exhilarating coolness of menthol!
Poseidon’s Wrath
Our dragonfruit smoothie-flavored vape juice is sure to bring the experience of enjoying this exotic fruit to life every time you take a hit!
Slaughter Melon
Strawberry and watermelon are one of the greatest pairs in the fruit kingdom, and we have brought them together in vape form just for you!
Strawberry Aftermath
There aren’t many fruits more decadent than the strawberry…at least until you roll them in sugar. Enjoy the taste of this sugary, slightly tart ejuice whenever you want!
Waterhog is our blend of two of the summer’s best flavors — watermelon and blueberry! The light crispness of the watermelon pairs perfectly with the sweet and slightly tart berries!
Hawaiian Headbutt
If you want the taste of your favorite tropical fruit punch in your e-liquid, then look no further than Hawaiian Headbutt! We expertly created this mango-strawberry punch to tantalize your taste buds!
One of the coolest ejuices we make, Brennanberry combines the tart sweetness of blackberries with a chilly rush of menthol for an experience you have to try!

The Best Dessert-Flavored Ejuices

The Best Dessert-Flavored Ejuices

One of the best parts about being an adult is getting to choose what you want, whenever you want it. If you want to enjoy your favorite desserts no matter where you are or what you’re doing, reach for a bottle of these dessert-flavored e-liquids from Mech Sauce!
Our blueberry cotton candy vape juice is an excellent way to bring the taste of summer carnivals with you everywhere!
Apollo’s Nectar
What could be more delicious than blueberry pudding on-demand? Only Mech Sauce’s Apollo’s Nectar!
With the intense taste of mangos and a cool, sweet cream finish, our smashed mango ice cream vape juice is one you won’t want to miss!
Cheese Face
Is there any dessert more sweet and decadent and delicious than strawberry cheesecake? We don’t think so, either. Grab a bottle of Cheese Face now!
Circus Face
Want two great desserts that are even more delicious when they’re combined? Try our cotton candy and ice cream sandwich flavor, Circus Face, today!
Strawberry Orgasm
Chocolate-covered strawberries are an incredibly decadent and delicious dessert. Enjoy that sinful flavor with this vape juice!
S’mores are a summertime institution that you can bring with you year round thanks to our s’mores-flavored e-liquid!
Pony Porn
One of the most kaleidoscopic desserts out there, rainbow sherbert makes for a perfect ejuice flavor when you pick up a bottle of Pony Porn from Mech Sauce! Try any of these, or one of our many other dessert flavors, today by ordering from Mech Sauce!

The Best Tobacco-Flavored Ejuices

If you are using vaping to try to stop smoking, you might miss the flavor of tobacco. While all of the sweet, dessert flavors that we make here at Mech Sauce are great, sometimes you want something that tastes like tobacco. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! At Mech Sauce, we do everything possible to ensure that everything we make is of the absolute highest quality. We use only the best pharmaceutical-grade PG and VG, and we make every flavor in our own lab to maintain the highest standards and consistency between batches. Best of all, because we make and sell our own e-liquids, you get to save a lot of money when you order from us. We ship to almost every state in the USA and to many countries across the planet! Shop with Mech Sauce for the best flavors of vape juice available anywhere on Earth!

Wacko Tobacco

Just because you stopped smoking doesn’t mean that you have to be without the rich, full flavor of tobacco. Our tobacco e-liquid was developed to bring you the very best taste, mouthfeel, and throat hit possible. If you used to smoke regular, full-flavor cigarettes, you’ll love the flavor and sensation of Wacko Tobacco!
  • Available in 30ml or 120ml bottles.
  • Choose between 80VG/20PG or MAX VG.
  • Choose your nicotine level.

King of Hearts E-Liquids

The King of Hearts line of e-liquids all start with the deep and powerful flavor of tobacco and then we take the experience to a new level by adding other flavors that enhance the flavor in intense ways!

Lion’s Blend

Vanilla bourbon and tobacco is a spectacular combination of flavors that you can enjoy at any time of the day or night thanks to Lion’s Blend e-liquid! If you’re out on the town or you’re taking a quick break at work, Lion’s Blend will make every moment feel like a wonderful escape!
  • Sold in 30ml bottles.
  • 3mg/ml nicotine per bottle.

Artisan Breeze

Artisan Breeze was designed to give you a blast of crisp and cool flavors! We mixed cranberry, menthol, and tobacco together into an intense blend that will make your vape sessions feel like a whole new beast!
  • Available in MAX VG only.
  • Sold in 30ml bottles.
  • Contains 3mg/ml of nicotine per bottle.

Ancient Lotus

Maple. Bourbon. Tobacco. Three of the most incredible flavors on the planet all rolled into this one ridiculously delicious vape juice! Seriously, there is nothing else like this ejuice anywhere in the world!
  • Comes in 30ml bottles.
  • 3mg/ml nicotine per bottle.
Whether you love the robust taste of all of our tobacco flavored vape juices, or you like to load up your vape with the sweetest choices out there, at Mech Sauce, we make e-juices for people who love to vape but who don’t want to waste their money paying for an expensive marketing campaign. We sell premium e-liquids at rock-bottom prices, so order a few bottles today and start blowing some huge clouds of the world’s tastiest vape juices!

Make Every Day Better With Mech Sauce Ejuice

Everyone has their reasons for vaping. Whether they vape to satisfy a craving or as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, at Mech Sauce, we make all the ejuice flavors you need to fill any need. Today, we will talk about some of the reasons that people vape and how we can make each day better with all of the unbelievably tasty e-liquids that we make at Mech Sauce! At Mech Sauce, we take e-liquids seriously. We test and create all of our flavors in our own lab and we ship directly to our customers and a small number of trusted retail partners. This allows us to give you premium ejuices at bargain prices! Shop with us today to find all of your new favorite flavors!

Vape to Relax

We get it — with everything that you have to deal with in your life (kids, stressful jobs, all of your other responsibilities), sometimes you just need to take a few minutes for yourself. When things are getting a little too stressful, or you have a few extra minutes between one thing and the next, treat yourself to one of the many super-tasty flavors that Mech Sauce has to offer. If you want the experience of enjoying your favorite dessert, we have tons of options for you: from strawberry shortcake to banana cream pie and blueberry pudding, if a little sweetness can give you a moment to recenter yourself and find the strength you need to make it through the rest of your day, vape one of these today!

Vape for Fun

Vaping can just be fun. It gets you outside, you get to blow huge clouds of pleasant-smelling vapor, and it looks awesome! Unlike smoking, you have an almost unlimited number of flavor choices that can make your experience even more exciting. At Mech Sauce, we take full advantage of the number of options available to create new taste sensations that are both very familiar (all of our different breakfast cereal vape juices) or altogether new (our cotton candy or berry and menthol flavors.) Whether you’re hanging out at a backyard barbeque or you’re out on the town with all of your friends, let Mech Sauce be the special ingredient that turns a regular time into one that you’ll never forget!

Vape Because You Love the Taste

As you can see, there are so many different flavors to match and surprise your taste buds that there is really no reason not to order a few bottles of delicious Mech Sauce ejuice to improve your day, as a way to celebrate, or just to excite your mouth! With everything from cereal to tobacco varieties, no matter what you’re in the mood for, we have the perfect taste (with or without nicotine) to make your day better! When you shop with Mech Sauce, you benefit from from our dedication to crafting the best e-liquids on the market. By following the strictest quality control standards, and testing and retesting each blend to make sure that it tastes as perfect as possible, every bottle that leaves our facility is ready to make your day better. Browse our site and find your new favorites today!