Recent leglislation is putting the vaping industry at risk. As proud members of the VTA (Vapor Technology Association) we want you to know that we fully support and follow the ethical marketing standards laid out in the VTA 2018 Marketing Guidelines. Here's a short summary of our ethical standards:
No Sales/ Marketing to minors

All people using our website and products must be 18+ years of age.

  • – All spokespeople appear 25+ years old.
  • – All packaging is targeted towards adults and avoids child-like themes.
  • – No marketing in areas/websites with minors, including physical advertising near schools and youth facilities.
No Deceitful or false claims

We are honest in our dealings and claims about vaping. 

  • – No claims on cessation habits from tobacco.
  • – No claims on health, safety, or risk factors.
  • – No representation from Health Professionals. 
  • – No targeting non-tobacco users.
Open Business transparency

We are open and honest in our business dealings. 

  • – We utilize correct usage of business trademark.
  • – We follow all FDA product sampling guidelines.
  • -We openly and accurately represent our ingredients.

Still curious?

If so you're not alone!

Vaping is still a new industry, and requires constant updates to legislation to remain a safe and viable alternative to smoking. As a result, the industry has underwent massive legislation over the last few years, which helps everyone included. We believe in complying with all standards and guidelines from the FDA, and as members of the VTA we follow their marketing practices in full measure. To learn more, click the link below.