Honoring our


the pioneer

A young man with a revolutionary idea found a solution to a problem we had yet to find out existed.

the innovator

inspired by his desire to find an alternative to cigarettes, we can thank this man for the modern day e-cig.

the Leader

a true man who leads his family to make their dreams become a reality, and turn a small side business into a company with reach all over the world.

Herbert A. Gilbert

Filed the first e-cig patent in 1963

"I’m a logical guy and logic told me to define the problem and then develop a solution."

the pioneer

The year 1963 had no shortage of memorable events. However, a critical piece of history went widely forgotten. A Korean War vet with a B.A. in Business, the idea for the e-cigarette came to him when he was working in his father's scrap yard. He remarked at how burning leaves and wood yielded a nasty, smokey result that no one likes. He had relatives who owned a bakery, and he thought of how pleasant the aroma was when he walked in. He realized it was because the goods were baked, not burnt. From there, the rest is history. April 7, 1963 was the day that he filed a patent for the very first electronic cigarette, and was then granted to him in 1965. Unfortunately, due to the widespread popularity of cigarettes and the tobacco industry's efforts at concealing the harmful effects of cigarettes, Gilbert's invention of the e-cigarette never took off with consumers. Nevertheless,

Hon Lik

Invented the modern e-cigarette

"The discussion I would like to have is how to improve the technology available, how to improve the standards, how to further reduce the risk, and improve the product. I want to improve the awareness so that billions of consumers could benefit from this new product."

The Innovator

Motivated by the desire to quit smoking and the death of a loved one from lung cancer, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist took the concept of the e-cigarette and invented a device that consumers could easily use. In 2003 he submitted a patent for the modern e-cigarette and by the next year, e-cigs were already hitting the market. Towards the beginning of e-cigarette development, Hon Lik’s invention was a little different to the one we’re used to now. Instead of a heating element, which is how the e-liquid is vaporized and the user inhales what is produced, Hon Lik’s initial design used what is called a piezoelectric ultrasound element. It was bigger and a bit bulkier than the e-cigarette design we are used to seeing today, but Hon Lik's design was the catalyst for more further e-cigarette development. These days the industry is much bigger than just one man. However, anyone who vapes can thank this man for turning a concept into reality. His determination and passion has turned into a vibrant industry that took the world by storm.

Don Henley

father of mech sauce

"I'm determined to keep my family employed with me, not the man."

Don Sr. is a father of four children and has been married for 31 years to his adorable high school sweetheart Michelle. Don is the hardest worker we know, and has been for as long as we can remember. Seriously, he’s not a stranger to 16 hours days.

He worked hard to support his family so his wife could be home to raise their children. As the kids got older and started moving out on their own it became clear that he had to make a move for his family. Praying and constantly searching, Don yearned for a chance to be with his family more often while still supporting their needs. That chance came one fateful night a few years ago.

The story of Mech Sauce began in early 2015, with a dream of producing an e-liquid that was affordable and, more importantly, tasted great. Andrew and Don Jr. started with $75 in their pocket between the two of them. They wanted their e-juice flavors to taste exactly like the real thing, which was no easy task given the mountain of obstacles ahead of them. They began with one flavor and introduced it to their hometown. This was the first stop of their exciting journey. One amazing flavor led to another, and soon over 60 more flavors followed. After seeing the rapid acceleration of their side gig, Don Sr, (did we mention he’s a seasoned business-owner?) couldn’t help but notice how hard his sons were working around the clock. After a long and gruesome night, Don stepped in and asked if his sons wanted some fatherly advice. Andrew and Junior let out a resounding “YES PLEASE!”

For a while, the trio started working two jobs. During the day, they continued to labor in their respective careers and and then got home and worked towards their dream: making e-liquid, filling orders, and shipping them out into the wee hours of the night. All three worked around the clock and realized two things; they needed to figure out a way to quit their day jobs at the right time and they needed to give their endeavor a name. Mech Sauce was officially born February 2015. Something magical started to happen. Don Sr. and his sons were having the most fun they’ve ever had working and not to mention working together. As time went by they got the rest of the family involved. Just three years later and Mech Sauce has gone global, shipping our flavors to the Mech Army stationed world-wide. None of this would have happened if not for the perseverance and leadership of a loving father determined to spend time with his family and show them that dreams do come true. On this Father’s Day, we can’t thank Don enough for everything he has done for Mech Sauce, and the family behind it.

the Leader

"Great family man. I have been around this man for the last three years and have seen the genuine love that he has for each of his children. Many men say they love their children. Don Henley shows it."

"Don Henley Sr. is one of the smartest, hard-working men that I know. Very dedicated to his job and his family, and would do anything for anyone. I'm proud to have him as a leader at Mech Sauce!"
"Don is one of the most awesome men I have had the privilege of meeting and having in my life. He's caring, hard-working, laid back, funny and just super cool. He keeps everything together and makes sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has what they need to succeed. I'm so thankful to have him as both a boss and a friend."

Happy Fathers Day to vape dads everywhere

celebrate with us

We want to thank Dad's everwhere for all the things they do for their family. Whether you're just starting out or you're dealing with grandkids, we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, Dads.
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