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E-liquid preservation is a highly contested matter among vapor users. While many argue the best place to keep e-liquid is in the refrigerator, the truth is it degrades the flavor and molecular structure of the liquid. Opening and shutting the refrigerator door increases its susceptibility to macrobiosis and quality from light exposure. Nicotine loses its potency and is reactive to light and temperature. Refrigerators even at the highest degree one can set to maintain the preservation of food is still too cold for the nicotine’s conservation and grade. The most efficient way to store e-liquid juice is away from light and in a darkened just below room temperature place. Keeping e-liquid away from light fluctuation and hot temperatures will ensure the flavor and freshness for longer duration. Concentrated flavors are affected by a few conditions and cold temperatures are one of them. Refrigeration can cause the re-crystallization of flavors that are composed of a lot of the crystals like Ethyl Maltol. Concentrated flavors are a combination of raw substances and every flavor blend can perform in a divergent manner. As a good illustration vanilla flavors are going to store differently than fruit flavors because vanilla’s chemical compound has larger molecules which make them more stable. Larger molecules are not very reactive and this lessens the circumstances of it absconding the bottle when opening. Fruit flavors tend to be compromised of smaller molecules so when a bottle is opened the smaller molecules rise the quickest. In the same capacity when vaping, fruit varieties because of the molecular make-up, reach the nose the quickest. Another reason that e-liquid should not be stored in the refrigerator is because the refrigerator creates condensation. Water condenses into the wall in the head-space or empty top area of the e-liquid. There are generally microbial substances found in the air of refrigerators and these contribute to the breakdown or decay of the e-liquid because the microbes grow. For this reason it is best to avoid storing the e-liquid in the refrigerator. Storing in a dark cabinet is more conducive to keeping out any microbial strains. Cabinets that are high prevent the risk of children getting their hands on it or them mistaking it for candy. Not only does avoiding e-liquid refrigeration keep the contents more pure in grade, but it is much better for your health because you are minimizing your exposure to harmful bacterial contaminants. When e-liquid is exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time the juice gets too thick and this will cause it to wick improperly. In the long-term avoiding e-liquid refrigeration will save money because it cuts down on the expiration time. Whether you prefer Wisdom brand at around forty dollars per bottle or Ronin at twenty, E-liquid can be very expensive according to how often it is used and what brand you are buying. In conclusion not refrigerating the vaping juice makes more sense if the quality and quantity of the juice is important to the user. Proper storage will prevent the loss of flavor, increase expiration time, save money, prevent contamination and offer a much more satisfying vaping experience. Refrigeration should only be considered as a last-ditch-effort and for very short durations.