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Flavors You'll Fall For:

Happy Fall, Y'all.

Finding the best fall vape juice flavors can be tough, especially as 2018 is moving towards its last quarter. There’s  tons of different flavor options and vape varieties on the market today, how do you choose just a few?? 


They say that certain scents and flavors can trigger a strong memory…


coffee filling for fall

Not to mention the variety of Autumn aromas and flavors floating throughout the air.

baker cooking in fall

We want you to experience Fall Vape Flavors to their absolute fullest. To help you out, we’ve put together a little treat.

Below, you’ll discover four autumn-themed e-juice flavors from Mech Sauce, sure to keep you warm and toasty. 

We’re here to help you create memories that make this fall unforgettable. Well, maybe the same as last year’s…

But really, really cozy. 

Have you heard of Mech Sauce?

Remember all those times you visited grandma and grandpa, and they’d always offer you candy from their bowl of fancy “guest” candy? 

grandma's candy bowl in fall

Sometimes there were mints, other times it was cough drops. But sometimes, if you were lucky, you’d find some butterscotch candy in there.

butterscotch candy vape juice for autumn

It wasn’t good butterscotch either. It was stale and old, but as you’d sit there trying to chew it you’d imagine what the most delicious butterscotch must taste like. Warm and buttery with delicate accents of cream… 


“Oh how much better this horrid candy could taste.” 

missing butterscotch vape juice in fall

With thick hits, a rich creamy aftertaste, and all the comfort of Grandma’s, we know you won’t be disappointed again after hitting this comforting fall e-juice treat. 

Mech Sauce is the best butterscotch candy tasting vape juice imaginable, without any of the staleness, or stickiness.

Vape Juice Better Than Grandma's
Strawberry Custard Flavored Fall Vape Juice

You Need

For the crisp, autumn evenings that would be accompanied nicely by a pour of your favorite bourbon, but can’t be

fall vape sunset

Whatever the reason may be, one puff of this creamy bourbon flavored e-juice will make you never want to spend a dime on a bottle ever again. 

The inhale satisfies instantly with the taste of smooth, nuanced bourbon…

bourbon vape juice

Spicy notes begin to thrill the palate as the smoky taste drifts over the tongue.

smoky autumn vape juice by campfire

The bourbon becomes darker and sweeter before rich cream soaks the palate on the exhale.



Seriously do we need to get any more depth or are you gonna go check it out yourself?

Cream of Bourbon

For The Finer Tastes

Who Can Resist a Cinnamon Roll?

Love fall treats? Got a fitness goal you’re trying to meet? Did your local Cinnabon get demolished and instead moved to that shopping center you can’t stand on the other side of town? 

We’ve Got You Covered.

little bird assuring our fall vape juice is delicious

Get your hands on a bottle of this decadent e-juice and you’ll be breaking necks as you walk down the street.

But do expect a few people to give you the stink-eye when they realize that they can’t get their own because no, that is not coming from the local Cinnabon. 

Cinnamon Roll Fall Vape Juice

You know the one. The one that got demolished… And instead moved to that shopping center you can’t stand…on the other side of town…


Just get our juice, who wants to drive to the other side of town? 

How to deal with
Cinnamon Fall Vape Liquid

Cinnamon Dream

Care for the crust?

Indisputable Fact #1: Everyone loves apple pie. 

Apple Pie E-Liquid for Fall

Indisputable Fact #2: Not everyone can eat apple pie without without getting sticky hands.

Sticky Hands from Apple Pie Vape Juice

If the latter is you, you’re not alone. Every year, millions suffer from Malus Communis Crustum Appetitus , a debilitating condition in which the sufferer has an unending craving for apple pie. Our team of dedicated specialists have created a solution to help the countless people who struggle to cope with with this once the fall season hits.

Apple Pie Flavored Fall E Juice
Missing Fall Apple Pie Vape Juice

Can you imagine being able to enjoy your favorite fall dessert without ever having to deal with messy hands ever again?

It's Real

It's Good


Getting Saltier

Diamond Vapor Logo

Mech Sauce is Proud to Present Diamond Vapor Company, with two new salt-nic flavors coming this week in collaboration with our own Mech Family.

SIN city

A cozy blend of cake batter, cinnamon, and sweet tobacco

cussed out

Vanilla custard so good that you'll stop going out for ice-cream.

Stay Tuned for our hyped-up release happening this week. We'll be rolling out new salt-nic flavors periodically over the next few months- so buckle down and try not to get too salty.



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