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Can Vapor Set-Off a Smoke Detector?

People have been asking about e-cig vapor and whether or not it can set off smoke detectors or alarms on forums, through google searches and yahoo answers. So a group of people got together and decided to try them out and see for themselves if they actually could. In an article released in the ECCR (Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews) those findings were discussed. E-Cigs Do Set Off Alarms. People are allowed to vape e-cigs in the public and seldom if ever have they set off a smoke detector. It can happen though as the vapor produced by a quality e-cig is capable of being detected by an alarm. To set the alarm off you pretty much have to blow the vapor right into the alarm to set it off. Which Alarms Can Be Set Off By E-Cig Vapor? There are some alarms that are easier to set off than others. * Optical alarms- these alarms use a beam of infrared light. If smoke particles enter the smoke alarm, they can cause the infrared light to scatter onto the light detector which will then trigger the alarm. * Ionisation- these alarms are sensitive to small particles of smoke. They are designed to use two electrically charged radioactive plates and if smoke particles enter the alarm they disturb the electricity between plates which then sets off the alarm. * Heat alarms- these are the least likely to detect vapor from an e-cig. They respond to heat rather than smoke. The study conducted showed the Ionization type alarm was set off when vapor was blown directly into it. When a Fire and Rescue Service person was questioned they felt the Optical Alarm would be the easiest set off. Should You Be Concerned About Alarms Being Set Off From Your E-Cig? The reports that someone has set off an alarm are very rare. Smoke alarms are designed to detect smoke and e-cigs release a vapor that evaporates into the air much quicker than smoke. So the answer to all the questions generated about vapor setting off alarms can only be answered with; it’s possible but highly unlikely.