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The Vape Gunk Guide: How to Remove Coil Gunk From Your Vape

Finding black Vape Coil Gunk is never something you’re gonna smile about. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a nice dessert vape flavor on a cold day, just to find your coil is gunking up and harshing your hits. If you need to know how to clean vape gunk, we’ve got your back. Maybe you’re just tired of gunking up your vape and want to know how to better maintain your vape coils. Luckily this guide is going to cover vape coil maintenance as well.  Ready to begin?

Part 1: Introduction to Vape Coils

Few things disrupt the enjoyment you get from vaping like coil gunk buildup on your vape coils.

Vape coils are the key component for converting e-liquid into vapor. When you let gunk build up on your coils you are taking in all of that gunk along with the vaporized e-liquid. That means every hit is going to be way harsher and dirtier than you want. So what to do?


reacting to vape gunk

You could simply replace the coil at the first sign of vape gunk but if you are cost-conscious, you will want to understand why gunk builds up on vape coils and how best to take care of your vape coils in order to save yourself some cash.

In this blog, we’re gonna cover everything you need to know about vape gunk buildup, how to slow or prevent it, and whether or not it is time to replace your vape coils. 

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Okay, that’s enough of that. Let’s go see what we can do about that vape coil black gunk. 

Part 2: What is Coil Gunk Buildup?

Wanna know how vape gunk builds up on vape coils and what role juice selection plays? Furthermore, do you know which gunk free e liquids are available to help prevent gunking? Read on my friends- we have all the answers for you. 

How to Spot Coil Gunk Buildup

Coil Gunk Buildup

Spotting vape gunk is easier than you think. Basically, ingredients in the vape liquid you choose may cause the coil to become covered in a caramelized blob of gunk. Check your coil right now- if its clean then you’re totally fine.

If not, then this blob of vape gunk is what we are going to try to remove, and prevent. 

What's Causing my Coil Gunk?

Dripping Vape Juice Gunk

Vape Juice with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content will create more coil gunk to a vape coil than those with a lower concentration of VG. 

Furthermore, a faulty box-mod set up can lead to vape gunking and coil burning. If your box mod is set with too high of voltage and not enough resistance from your atomizer, vape gunking is more likely to occur. 

How do I Fix Coil Buildup?

If you find that the juice you are using causes coil gunking, consider finding gunk free vape juice that has a higher propylene glycol (PG) to VG ratio.

If you’re positive it’s not your juice, you’ll need to examine your box-mod set-up, and see if it is calibrated correctly. This is an article in itself so go check out how to pitch your box mod. 

Part 3: How Does Vape Gunk Cause Problems With My Vape Coils?

vape gunk fix

While vape gunk build up is not the only reason vape coils sometimes lose their effectiveness prematurely, it does happen and is manageable. Those new to vaping attribute an increase in their vaporizer tasting burnt to faulty vape juice, when the actual problem is the caramelized blob of gunk on the vape coil. They may switch liquids or try different coils and not even realize that they could prolong the life of their existing coil with a little vape maintenance.


Part 4: How to Stop Coils Gunking up fast

All the decisions you make on mod settings and vape liquids will affect the rate of buildup of coil gunk and the need for you to maintain your equipment.

Moreover, before you perform any vape maintenance, you need to be aware of the exact steps involved for your specific equipment.

1) How to Dry Burn Vapes

Dry Burning Vape Coil

Dry burning is a process many vapers use to get the gunk off their coils. It involves pulling the wick and heating up the coils to a ‘red hot’ temperature where the buildup either falls off or gently flakes away. How often you need to perform this maintenance is determined, in large part, by the choices mentioned above — juice selection, wattage settings, and so on.


There are others who say that to dry burn vape coils you need to take caution, as it can cause more harm than benefit. In the end the choice is yours- try dry burning your vape and see if it helps with your coil gunk. 

2) Replacing Vape Coils

If you do not want to dry burn your coils, early replacement is always an option. In general, a vape coil is rated for two to three weeks of normal use before it needs to be replaced, but you find that they are no longer working correctly or your coils are gunking up too fast after a week or even a few days, then buy a pack of replacement vape coils to keep handy while you experiment with flavors and wattage settings to fine-tune your equipment.


Once you have everything in balance you should expect a solid three weeks of use without having to replace your coils or dry burn them.

3) Why do my coils keep Burning Out?

vape coil burning out

If you’re finding that your vape coils keep burning out prematurely, it’s important to take into account everything we just mentioned. Finding the perfect balance for your set-up will allow you to get to the most enjoyment out of your vaping, and will also help avoid issues like your vape coils burning out too quickly. 


Questions to ask yourself if your vape coil is burning too quickly:

1) Am I dry burning too often or not enough?

2) Is there any gunk on my vape coils?

3) Is my box-mod set up with the correct voltage and resistance?

4) Is my vaping equipment maintained and clean? 


The choices you make in regards to equipment, willingness to maintain your equipment, and vape juice selection are key factors in whether or not you will experience coil gunk. As you experiment with different vape flavors and find a balance between VG and PG, you will find that managing your coils is important.

To be honest, keeping vape coils gunk free is nearly impossible. That being said, It is manageable with a little care and attention. With the right knowledge, you will have a clear understanding of why the vape gunk is on your coil, how it affects the flavors of the vapor, and what options you have to stop coils gunking up too fast, and tasting too burnt. 

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