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3 creamy e-liquids from
mech sauce

counting down our top 3

If you’re always chasing that silky, rich touch of cream when you vape, you need to grab these three e-liquids from Mech Sauce. Each of the flavors below combines a taste that you love with a seductive drizzle of rich cream. 

#3: Apollo’s Nectar

A lusciously creamy pudding that’s infused with the fresh taste of ripe blueberries. This dreamy flavor is indulgent enough to satisfy the most intense dessert cravings. However, it’s light enough to be enjoyed for hours on end. Every inhale soothes you with the sweet, juicy blueberry flavor. You’ll enjoy a hint of tang as the blueberry taste makes its way across your throat. Then, the rich pudding travels across the tongue with its richness. On the exhale, the creaminess of the pudding lingers. 

#2: Cream of Bourbon

An indulgent experience for your taste buds that can be enjoyed for hours on end with zero guilt. Spicy, smoky bourbon is blended with the perfect amount of cream, resulting in a velvety, rich and intoxicating treat that’s as complex as it is comforting. When you inhale, the smoky notes of the bourbon are apparent instantly. The bourbon becomes sweeter and spicier as that drizzle of cream adds delectable richness. On the exhale, the cream leaves your tongue absolutely soaked. 

#1: Pony Porn

This vape juice is a dream-come-true for rainbow sherbet fanatics. By blending together fruity sorbet and vanilla-infused cream, Mech Sauce has created an e-juice flavor that satisfies on every level. The brightness of the citrus fruits and the tartness of the berry flavors balance out the cream’s richness splendidly. As you inhale, the sharpness of the berries and citrus fruits makes you salivate. Slowly, you’ll be able to distinguish each fruity flavor as it rolls across the tongue. A wave of vanilla rushes across the taste buds as the overall flavor becomes sweeter. On the exhale, that glorious cream drips down the palate. 

Grab These Creamy Vape Flavors Today!

Between these exquisite vape juices from Mech Sauce, your cream-related needs will be covered. Each of these juices hits the spot with that silky, creamy flavor that makes the mouth water.