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4 Ways to Keep Your Drip Tips in Better Shape

Put simply, a drip tip is a mouthpiece you can use instead of a cartridge, thereby allowing a vaper to pour e-juice directly into an atomizer. Dripping can be very tricky for beginners who don’t know what is a suitable quantity of e-juice to pour and at what intervals to inhale for optimal outcomes. For example, if you inhale too much you may be wasting your e-liquid. Luckily, a lot of practice using and cleaning your drip tips can make you a pro in no time!

How to Use a Drip Tip

Using a drip tip is relatively easy. Just open your atomizer, add your favorite liquids onto your coils, attach your drip tip to the mouthpiece of your vaporizer, and you’re good to go. Below are more advanced drip tips that you may want to consider as you gain more experience:
  1. Using a little bit of soap and hot water, scrub and rinse your tips after a couple of uses
  2. Using a drip shield can extend the life of your tips and prevent wasting your precious e-juice
  3. Try alternating the use of your drip tips with different flavors or vaporizers to discover solid combinations
  4. Stay away from using alcohol, as alcohol can damage your tips

Why is taking care of your drip tips important?

Cleaning your drip tips gets rid of germs and bacteria that may accumulate inside tips due to frequent use. Cleaning your tips often will make sure that you continue to get great rips with every inhale, which is important because dripping is suited to vapers who wish to get the most out of their flavors. The use of drip tips is an excellent, inexpensive, and convenient approach to try out several e-liquid flavors without needing to fill up a full tank. Just be careful: while the use of a drip tip really brings out the whole flavor of an e-liquid, employing a drip tip may also be an incredibly messy affair. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your drip tips so that you can have flavorful and powerful vape sessions each time! Find your favorite flavors of e-liquid at Mech Sauce today!