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Best E Juices at MECH SAUCE this Winter

Best E Juices at Mech Sauce this Winter

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For better or worse, winter weather is far from over. Fortunately, while the days remain dark and chilly, we can still experience intense pleasure by vaping our favorite winter-inspired e juice flavors. At Mech Sauce, there are loads of wintertime treats from which to choose. In fact, we’ve tried them all. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top three winter-inspired e juice flavors at Mech Sauce. These yummy e juices will comfort you on the coldest winter days while elevating your mood thanks to delicious flavor. The Mafia During the summer, we desire refreshing and light flavors that cool us down. When the weather gets colder, however, we start to crave dessert flavors that are richer and have more depth. The Mafia e juice is the perfect winter flavor. The sweet and savory butterscotch taste is incredibly rich, comforting you and warming your soul when the weather gets chilly. On the inhale, The Mafia e juice coats the sweet tooth in sweet and savory butterscotch perfection. First, the savory flavor notes are dominant, tickling the front of the tongue. Then, the sweetness begins to poke through, satisfying you just like a piece of butterscotch candy. On the exhale, the richness is heavily apparent as the flavor of fresh cream flows across the palate. Arctic Ice When the ground gets icy, we start to crave the cold rush of fresh mint flavor. Simply put, no minty e juice tops Arctic Ice. With its plethora of sweet and tangy berries and cool menthol, you’ll feel exhilarated and uplifted as the days get shorter. The menthol isn’t too harsh, resulting in a flavor that’s just like a freshly-picked peppermint leaf. When you inhale Arctic Ice e juice, tangy notes from fresh berries dance on your palate. Then, tartness and sweetness from blueberries, raspberries and blackberries take over, making your mouth water uncontrollably. The sweetness continues to build as the vapor absorbs into the taste buds. As you exhale, a cold gust of fresh mint flavor gives your tongue an ice bath. Crust When you think of wintertime flavors, it’s hard to not envision a steaming apple pie that has just emerged from the oven. Crust e juice tastes just like a glorious homemade apple pie that’s layered with warm cinnamon, sugary cooked apples and a buttery, flaky pie crust. This yummy flavor is guaranteed to satisfy you just like mom’s classic apple pie that’s served after a holiday dinner. When you inhale Crust e juice, the smooth taste of stewed apples floods your palate as the warm cinnamon aroma intoxicates you. Then, when you exhale, the yummy taste of a fresh pie crust satisfies you with its buttery taste. Vape Them Today Thanks to these three winter-inspired e juice flavors, you can avoid the winter blues while you vape the day away. Want to make your flavors personal and custom? Check out our guide on getting the best e juice flavors from steeping!