How to make Vape Juice Clouds Thicker- The guide to Getting Huge Vape Clouds

Top Tips for Getting Huge Vape Clouds and Thick Vape Juice

Many vape enthusiasts around the world have taken to the sport of “cloud chasing.” The goal is to see who can create the largest vape clouds using their MOD or RDA. Sometimes called “stunt vaping,” vapers who are interested in making the biggest clouds can take part in vape competitions to see who can blow out the most prominent and thick clouds. This is a sport that has fans, sponsors, teams, and cash prizes. At Mech Sauce, we want you to get the most out of vaping, so we’ve written this blog to teach you about cloud chasing! Shop with us for great prices on some of the world’s most delicious e-liquid flavors!

Here are some ways to cloud chase responsibly, as well as some information about how to create the biggest vapor clouds possible. Those who participate in cloud chasing are usually very passionate about it. Many vapers are continually working to rebuild their mods to find the best setup for blowing the biggest clouds. Many tips can help you to blow the biggest and thickest clouds possible, but it can be dangerous if you don’t educate yourself first.

Vaping Battery Safety

There have been many cases of mods exploding in user’s face, causing some severe injuries. This is often caused by an amateur cloud chasers not understanding their device. Never leave your battery charging unattended. Unattended batteries can end up causing your battery to explode or catch fire. An overcharged cell can have the same results. Also, never use a charger that isn’t compatible with your device. With that said, make sure that your battery is powerful enough. If you are using a battery that is too small, it will not help you produce the huge clouds of vapor that are needed to help you win in a competition.

Getting Huge Vape Clouds

The correct airflow will contribute to making your vape clouds bigger. If there isn’t enough airflow coming into the device, it can lead to overheating. If there is too much airflow to your mod, it will also affect how big your vapor clouds can be. It is imperative that you find a happy medium where you can create the biggest clouds without causing your device to overheat. This will take some trial and error on your part. It is better to start with as much airflow as your equipment allows and decreasing it until you find the sweet spot.

How to Make Vape Juice THICKER

Your choice in Mech Sauce e-liquid is another crucial part of creating the biggest clouds. E-liquid is made up of a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine (though many e-liquids are nicotine-free). The correct mix of PG and VG will allow you to create massive clouds without having a harsh throat hit. E-liquids that have a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin will generate denser, thicker vape clouds than vape juices with a higher propylene glycol percentage.

Getting the Best Mod for Huge Vape Clouds

The mod that you use is another important part of cloud chasing. You will want to find a mod that offers a high-quality, low resistance coil. An improperly made mod can overheat, explode, or even catch fire.

Many cloud chasers choose to use mechanical mods. Mechanical mods allow for better airflow and for bigger clouds. These devices require you to be knowledgeable about the device and are not ideal for beginners.

Best Vaping Technique for Vape Clouds

Your technique is an incredibly important aspect of huge cloud creation. Those with the biggest lung capacity will have an easier time creating huge clouds of vapor. When you exhale, exhale slowly to make your clouds appear bigger, thanks to slower dispersion.


Wicking is another critical aspect of cloud chasing. Inside of the atomizer, an absorbent wick helps your e-liquid get to the vaporizing coil. A wick that is more absorbent will help your juice reach the coil quicker, as well as allowing for a good amount of e-liquid to remain near the coil.


Many cloud chasers choose to make their own devices. By using low-resistance coils and having the perfect airflow, you will create much larger vape clouds. There is no single best option when it comes to building your MOD, coils, or RDA/RBA, so you will have to experiment with it to find the perfect cloud chasing device.


While there is a thriving competitive scene for cloud chasing, some cloud chasers aren’t competing. They are blowing out huge clouds of vapor at the grocery store, work, or at school and forcing others to inhale their vapor. These people have given vaping a bad name, and are responsible for encouraging vaping restrictions and bans. They also negatively influence the public perception of the vaping culture. Don’t be one of these people. Vape where you are allowed to and take other people into consideration before you start blowing out giant clouds in the middle of a crowd.


Cloud chasing is enjoyed by many vapers, modders, and DIY builders all over the world. Make sure that you do some research and keep your safety in mind. Find some information about Ohm’s Law and study battery safety.