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Getting the Best E Juice from Steeping


Getting the Best E Juice from Steeping

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If you want the best e juice flavor, the quickest way to do it is by steeping. Steeping is the process in which you allow vape juice to mature or “age” in a bottle. The process also involves shaking the e juice and exposing it to air. Steeping betters the flavor of the e juice. Just like the aging process of wine, in which a concentrated form of a grape is produced after extracting the flavor from the fruit, steeping is also done the same way. However, the alcohol obtained can add a chemical taste to the e-juice or wine.   Allowing the e juice or wine to steep helps in evaporating or chemically breaking down the alcohols. This, as a result, removes the chemical taste from the alcohol, infusing it with best vape flavors you can get Different ingredients are mixed with the e-juice with the primary ones being nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings. E-juice can also be mixed with other ingredients such as alcohol, and distilled water. The notion behind steeping is to improve the result of mixing these ingredients.

How to Steep the Best E Juice Possible

Step #1:

Slightly shake the bottle containing the e juice for about 1-2 lightly to avoid creating too many bubbles in the bottle. At some point, flip the bottle to increase molecular bonding of the e juice, and to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed.

• Step #2:

Remove the bottle’s cap and place it in dark place that is between 70° to 75°, away from children, pets, and anyone who might knock the bottle or drink the e juice for some reason. The aim of doing this step is to allow the solvents and natural alcohol to rise to the top of the liquid and evaporate.

• Step #3:

Let e juice bottle stay put for 24 hours. Once the steeping process is done, lightly squeeze the bottle to get out all the air in the bottle. Make sure that the juice is not squeezed out as you are squeezing the bottle. The more time you do this process, the better.

• Step #4:

Put back on the bottle’s cap and let the bottle stay put in a place that is safe for two days. The temperature of the place where the bottle is kept should be moderate to minimize nicotine oxidation.

• Step #5:

Repeat the steps above steps for up to two weeks. After this period, you will notice a change in flavor or color of your e juice, which is a sign it’s almost time. Remember, the best e juice comes from patience, so don’t stop the steeping process until you’re sure your e juice is ready. An e juice can be steeped after you have noticed that its flavor has intensified, improved, or mellowed after doing the steps above. If the flavor of the e juice is not yet what you desire, you are advised to repeat the above process for another week.   The very best e juice is completely based on one’s taste. If you have a flavor that is too strong, may be one tasting too sweet, then steeping e juice is the right answer for you. Steeping the liquid will reduce the sweetness, and basically mellow the flavor of the juice. You should be aware that steeping flavors which are light such as strawberry, kiwi, or other fruits which are lighter, can cause them to no longer have their flavor altogether. Moreover, there are no preferences which are wrong as to when to steep your e juice, if the taste you get from your e juice is the one you desire, and gives you the most rewarding experience in vaping.
The best E Juice Flavors

The Best E Juice flavors come after Steeping!