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The vape juice collection from King of Hearts shows off an artisan and deeply refined approach to creating mouth-watering tobacco flavors. The three vape juices are nuanced, complex and downright delicious. Each vape juice from the brand takes rich, satisfying tobacco flavor and infuses it with unexpected yet explosively flavorful tastes that we crave. Ancient Lotus Ancient Lotus vape juice is one of those decadent flavors that we can only enjoy in vape juice form. The blend of robust tobacco, sweet maple syrup and a heavy dose of bourbon is guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks after the very first hit. Made with high-quality ingredients, you won’t want to stop vaping this rich and sweet flavor combination. When you inhale Ancient Lotus vape juice, a strong hit of full-bodied tobacco flavor washes quickly over the palate before smacking you in the back of the throat. Once your tobacco cravings are satisfied, a stream of rich bourbon flavor soaks into the tongue. The exhale sends a thick drizzle of sticky maple syrup straight to the sweet tooth. Artisan Breeze For Artisan Breeze, King of Hearts took menthol tobacco to the next level. Tart cranberries and spicy bourbon are mouth-watering additions that make this e-liquid flavor irresistible. Just the aroma of this exceptional vape juice will send the saliva glands into overdrive. With each inhale of Artisan Breeze vape juice, cranberry-soaked tobacco leaves make their way across the taste buds, delighting you with bright tartness from the cranberries and richness from the fresh tobacco taste. When you exhale, the authentic taste of bourbon washes away your blues. Lion’s Blend If you’re a fan of more classic flavors, Lion’s Blend vape juice is for you. This masterful concoction is a combination of full-bodied tobacco, rich bourbon and warm vanilla. This e-liquid will satisfy both your tobacco cravings and your dessert cravings in just one hit. The creamy vanilla finish will make you drool beyond belief. When you inhale Lion’s Blend vape juice, a rush of rich tobacco calms down your cravings within seconds. Once the tobacco taste hits you in the throat, a flood of bourbon takes over. When you exhale, creamy vanilla flavor melts into your palate like your favorite decadent dessert. Nobody Does Bold Tobacco Flavors Like King of Hearts These vape juices are stunning examples of balanced, high-quality flavors. If you need your tobacco fix like nobody’s business, they will satisfy you in every way. Plus, they give you the ability to indulge in tobacco taste without any of the shame.