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Lion’s Blend is one of those remarkably complex flavors that always hits the spot. This e-liquid is a scrumptious blend of smooth, robust tobacco and smoky, sweet and spicy bourbon. The balance between all of these flavor notes will astound you, causing your mouth to water uncontrollably. If you love complex e-liquids that are as bold as they are tasty, Lion’s Blend is for you. Your palate will be absolutely blown away by the layers of flavor that dazzle you with every puff. This e-liquid will take care of your tobacco cravings while soaking your tongue in the luxurious taste of aged Kentucky bourbon. These two flavor components were meant to be savored together. The inhale entices you with the aroma of expensive bourbon. You’ll taste notes of spice and sweetness as the bourbon slowly absorbs into your palate. Then, the nutty and earthy taste of fine tobacco sweeps across your tongue. The flavors meld together wonderfully, providing you with a truly complex taste that makes you drool. Each exhale delivers notes of caramel and honey to your sweet tooth. Lion’s Blend e-liquid  arrives in a 30 ml dropper bottle. This vape juice is filled to order, guaranteeing that your e-liquid will taste absolutely fresh and delicious. Each ingredient that goes into it comes from a manufacturing facility that’s in the United States. Mech Sauce uses only the very best ingredients that they can find in order to deliver a clean and authentic flavor. Lion’s Blend contains 3mL of nicotine. Many vape enthusiasts prefer this nicotine strength when using sub-ohm vaping devices because it provides the right amount of satisfaction without delivering that harsh sensation to the throat. Lion’s Blend vape juice from Mech Sauce is one of the most luxurious flavors that you’ll ever have the pleasure of vaping. By combining smooth, complex bourbon with rich, robust tobacco, they’ve created an e-liquid that intoxicates the taste buds in every way.