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The two vape juices from Stupid Fruity unleash intensely flavorful fruity goodness onto the taste buds. Your fruit cravings will be satisfied instantly as you vape either of these extravagant e-juices. Made with the most exquisite flavoring ingredients, your mouth won’t even register that you’re not enjoying the real taste of freshly-picked fruits Dragon Drool Few things soak the tongue in pleasure like a big glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade that’s blended with a generous helping of sugar. For Dragon Drool vape juice, Stupid Fruity enhanced their luscious lemonade flavor with the exotically sweet taste of fresh dragon fruit. Every hit of Dragon Drool vape juice will leave you feeling outrageously refreshed and invigorated. When you inhale Dragon Drool vape juice, tart lemon flavor quenches your thirst and wakes up your taste buds. Gradually, the tartness of the lemon flavor moves out of the way and lets the sugary lemonade taste take over. When you exhale, the taste of tropical dragon fruit adds a layer of fruity complexity to this stunning flavor profile. Mango Blast Who doesn’t have happy memories of indulging in a big bowl of rainbow sherbet on a hot, sunny afternoon? The enticing fruit flavors and the creamy finish are impossible to resist. Mango Blast vape juice tastes just like the rainbow sherbet that you loved as a kid. Plus, they’ve infused it with extra mango flavor, resulting in a refreshing and thirst-quenching treat. On the inhale, Mango Blast explodes with juicy mango flavor that quickly soaks the taste buds. The mango flavor has just the right amount of tropical tang to excite the palate. Slowly, other fruit flavors develop on the tongue. The fruity tastes continue to blossom before cream gushes across the palate, making your mouth water. Deliver Your Taste Buds to Flavor Paradise Both flavors are extremely high in quality and will undoubtedly satisfy your needs for refreshing, clean and authentic fruit flavors. Whether you crave tropical mango flavor or cool lemonade, Stupid Fruity has something for you.