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Top 5 Fruity E-Juices At Mech Sauce

At Mech Sauce, there’s no shortage of fruity vape juices that are loaded with absolutely yummy flavors. If your palate never stops craving the sumptuous taste of fresh fruits, these five vape juices are going to give you instant satisfaction. Thanks to Mech Sauce, you can vape these satisfying fruity tastes whenever you pick up your MOD Apollo’s Nectar If you’re a fruit lover who likes decadent desserts, Apollo’s Nectar is like a godsend. The e-juice is a rich and creamy pudding that’s loaded with an unapologetic dose of fresh blueberry flavor. Every hit drenches the tongue in silky, sweet and sinful blueberry pudding flavor. When you inhale Apollo’s Nectar vape juice, the tangy blueberry taste sinks into the palate. The blueberry taste gets sweeter and sweeter as the rich taste of pudding slowly takes over the tongue. When you exhale, the creaminess becomes intense as the blueberries become sugary sweet. 2000 Berries Vape enthusiasts who are mad about fresh berries will want to vape 2000 Berries vape juice all day long. This mysterious e-juice flavor contains an enormous variety of berries that offer notes of tang, sweetness and tartness. The tongue will be tickled as each puff gently flows across the taste buds. On the inhale, 2000 Berries vape juice unleashes exhilarating tartness that makes you salivate within seconds. The tang begins to build on the tip of the tongue before the intense sweetness of the fresh berry flavors deliver pure pleasure to your sweet tooth. Melon Breeze Melon Breeze vape juice is like the best fruit salad that you’ve ever tasted. The irresistible blend of plump strawberries, juicy peaches, crisp watermelon and sweet honeydew gets bathed in ice-cold menthol, resulting in something that’s as refreshing as it gets. When you inhale Melon Breeze vape juice, sweet strawberry flavor teases your tongue before a rush of fresh peach juice soaks your palate. Then, the two melon flavors refresh you like the real thing. The exhale delivers a blast of cool mint. Dragon Drool When you’re feeling thirsty, nothing satisfies you quite like a big glass of ice-cold lemonade. For Dragon Drool, the brand combined that tart and tangy lemonade flavor with the sweetness of fresh dragon fruit. This exotic take, on a classic summertime beverage is sure to satisfy you beyond your wildest dreams. Each inhale of Dragon Drool vape juice wakes up the tongue with tart and bright lemon flavor. The sweetness of the lemonade begins to take over before a wave of exotic dragon fruit juice drenches the taste buds. The exhale delivers a balanced medley of these refreshing flavor components. Mango Blast Most of us have happy memories of eating spoonfuls of rainbow sherbet when we were kids. Mango Blast vape juice helps us relive these wonderful memories thanks to a symphony of fruity flavors. The vape juice tastes just like rainbow sherbet that’s infused with juicy mango taste. When you inhale Mango Blast vape juice, a whack of sweet and tropical mango flavor is dominant. Slowly, the mango flavor makes way for luxurious rainbow sherbet that saturates every centimeter of your palate. The exhale is creamy and smooth. Fresh Fruit Flavors Await! If your tongue is intoxicated by fresh fruit flavors, these five vape juices will make you drool with pleasure. Each of the five vape juices listed above are made with the best ingredients, ensuring a quality taste that will keep you feeling satisfied with every hit.