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Reasons That An E-Liquid Might Damage Your Tank

It is essential to know what properties of e-liquids can damage your tank. Some juices can crack your tank and leave them completely useless, while others might discolor or permeate the tank and make every flavor taste like the offending e-liquid. Below, you’ll find some reasons why different types of fluid can break your device.

Why Is Your Tank Melting or Cracking?

Some e-liquid flavors react poorly with plastic tanks which can result in your tank breaking or melting. Many e-cig, vaporizer, and MOD tanks use polycarbonate plastic. This is a cheap material that is used for many different things. Polycarbonates can withstand high levels of heat as well as cold and is, therefore, well-suited for affordable vaporizer tanks. However, some e-juices include compounds that react with the structure of the polycarbonate molecule, including citric acid.

What Is Citric Acid?

Citric acid is commonly found in citrus-flavored e-juice flavors. It is also commonly found in grapefruit juice, orange juice, and other citrus fruits. While many e-liquid flavors can contain citric acid, the highest concentrations are always found in citrus flavors. This natural acid binds with polycarbonate molecules, weakening and wearing out the plastic. The combination of citric acid and polycarbonate can also form compounds called esters. Esters are responsible for fogging or cracking.

Recommendations When Choosing a New Tank

Many companies have started recommending the use of Pyrex tanks or glass clearomizers when using e-liquids that are high in citric acid, while some companies have begun placing warnings on juices that are known to melt or crack tanks. They will encourage you only to use a tank made with glass or Pyrex to prevent damage to plastic tanks.

Pay Attention to the E-Liquid You Choose

Make sure to pay attention to the e-liquids you choose to vape. Watch for changes to your tank including hazing, cracking, or leaking. If you notice any of these signs, you should probably stop using that e-juice with that tank if you wish to avoid any further damage or you may need to dispose of and replace your tank if the damage has become too severe.

Pyrex or Glass Tanks

While it is rare for a plastic tank to crack entirely and become unusable, it does happen. You can avoid this hassle altogether if you pick a tank that is made with Pyrex or glass. Plastic tanks are easily and affordably replaceable, while Pyrex and glass tanks, which are more expensive, will stand the test of time.

Importance of Citric Acid

Some people worry that if an e-liquid is doing so much damage to their tank that they may also be doing potential harm to their body. The human body can create chemicals that are far more corrosive than citric acid. In fact, the human digestive system is made to handle several different types of acid. Your stomach would not be able to digest food without acidic enzymes helping. You might, however, want to be concerned about some of the melted plastic getting into your e-juice. If you choose to continue using a polycarbonate tank, make sure that you are paying more attention to the flavors of e-liquid you are picking. This will help you to avoid any damage to your tank and save money from the costly replacements you would have to buy otherwise. We hope you learned something from this article, and if you have any questions about our e-liquids, please hit us up!