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How to Safely Store Your E-Juice

Here at Mech Sauce, we’re all about taking care of our customers. We offer great low prices and the best flavors of e-liquid anywhere in the universe. In addition to making sure that we have all of the flavors you need to keep vaping, part of making sure you’re happy with your purchases is to share some secrets about storing your e-liquid safely and to ensure that it stays delicious! Shop with us for the widest selection of the best e-liquids at the absolute lowest prices. We have almost every flavor you could ever hope for, and some that you didn’t even know that you wanted. Browse our gigantic selection of vape juices that we make right here in the United States from the highest-quality ingredients on the market.

Keep E-Liquid Away From Kids and Pets

Don’t leave your vape juice lying around where just anyone can get to it, especially your children and your pets. The ingredients in e-juice can be harmful if swallowed by anyone or anything. Talk to your kids about the dangers of handling it, and put it out of reach and out of sight. Even if you vape using nicotine-free e-juices, making it clear to your children that they should stay away from them is a good idea.

Store E-Liquids in a Cool, Dark Place

If you leave your favorite Mech Sauce vape juices on the dashboard of your car or next to the toaster oven, the heat can result in a loss of flavor and a loss of potency if you have e-liquid with nicotine in it. By keeping it on a high shelf in your bedroom or the pantry, not only will the flavors stay delicious, it will actually get better as it cures. Keeping your vape juices stored in a cool dry place also prevents kids or animals from getting into your e-liquids.

Long Term Storage

Luckily, Mech Sauce is so affordable you won’t have to treat it like liquid gold (though it sure tastes that good!). But if you do need to stock up and you want it to stay fresh, follow the advice above and try to store it in glass bottles. Many e-liquids that are stored properly can retain all of their flavor for several years, so taking a few easy steps can make your vape juices last for a long time! As you can see, making sure that your e-liquids are stored in a safe manner isn’t hard and can actually improve the flavor and potency of your favorite vape juices! Shop with Mech Sauce today for the best flavors at the best prices! We make all of our flavors in our own lab because it means that we can ensure that the quality is as high as humanly possibly. We appreciate your business and we want to keep making the best e-liquids for you for many years to come! Check out our newly redesigned online store for outstanding prices on all of our different flavors, fast shipping, and the best customer service that you’ll find anywhere!