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EZ Dripper is a self standing pump for your favorite e-juice. EZ Dripper is specially designed to provide you the easiest way to refill your atomizer. It’s mountable on any flat surface. You can also take out the bottle and carry it with you. With a pump or two your atomizer is ready to use. The bottle holds 15 ml of e-juice. Once you run out of juice simply push down the ring that’s inside all the way down and refill it back to the top. The Ez Dripper makes it convenient to easily drip into any atomizer. No more taking the dropper out of the bottle and squeezing. Just a few pumps and you are juiced up! A bottle that attached to your windshield, so that you can single-handedly drip your RDA EZ Dripper!!!!! Do you catch yourself dripping and driving? Taking your hands off the steering wheel can be dangerous. Have you ever wanted a bottle that attached to your windshield, that you could use to single-handedly drip your RDA!!! EZ Dripper will fulfill your needs!!!!