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Berry lovers will adore this month’s Mech Sauce’s E-Liquid Spotlight. 2000 Berries vape juice is an explosively flavorful blend of berries that provides you with tangy, sweet and tart notes. Every puff completely drenches the mouth in exquisite berry nectar. Made with exceptional flavoring extracts, you’ll swear that fresh berry juice is washing across your taste buds as you take hit after hit of this premium Mech Sauce e-juice. 2000 Berries vape juice consists of an extraordinary array of berry tastes that we know and love. Each hit is like a walk through a magical forest in which wild and exotic berries grow in abundance. The tart, sweet and tangy notes balance each other out perfectly. Therefore, this flavor is incredibly well-rounded, making it an excellent option for all-day vaping. When you inhale Mech Sauce’s 2000 Berries vape juice, the tartness of comforting berry flavors cloaks your palate. You’ll enjoy brightness and acidity from your favorite berries like raspberries and blackberries. The tang then strikes you in the tongue, causing serious saliva production. When the berry juice makes its way to the back your throat, you’ll experience serious thirst-quenching goodness. The sweetness of the berries then intoxicates you with that natural sugar. On the exhale, sugary berry clouds drift over your palate, making you want just one more hit. Each ingredient used to create 2000 Berries vape juice by Mech Sauce is of a pharmaceutical or food grade. You’ll notice the superior quality of this e-liquid flavor as soon as those berry-flavored clouds splash onto your tongue. The sweetness is clean and doesn’t taste synthetic in any way. Each hit delivers nothing but refreshing and tongue-teasing berry flavor that you’ll want to enjoy for hours and hours on end. If plump, juicy berries make you salivate like no other flavor on the planet, 2000 Berries vape juice from Mech Sauce is a must-have. Because it’s the Mech Sauce E-Liquid Spotlight, we highly recommend that you grab a bottle now before it runs out!