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Nightlife Elixir has produced three vape juices that are inspired by the exotic cocktails that you’d find at the hottest club in town. Each e-liquid contains a plethora of satisfying tastes that will refresh you like crazy whether you’re having your morning vape or you’re vaping at the club. Jamaican Lizard Jamaican Lizard vape juice is a succulent blend of creamy coconuts, crisp honeydew melons and sweet, juicy peaches. The trio of fruits balance each other out, providing the tongue with deep satisfaction all day long. With every inhale of Jamaican Lizard e-juice, your tongue will be drenched in the sweet and tangy taste of ripe peaches. The peaches slowly make way for crisp honeydew flavor that tickles the tongue. As you exhale, a bath of creamy coconut milk gives this flavor an exotic twist while dazzling your sweet tooth. Mojito Margarito If your go-to order at the bar is a sweet and tart margarita, Mojito Margarito vape juice is going to be your new favorite liquid. The vape juice tastes just like a margarita that’s made with the freshest limes, the sweetest agave nectar and the smoothest tequila known to man. On the inhale, Mojito Margarito e-juice wakes up the taste buds with a generous twist of zesty and tart lime juice. As the lime flavor trickles down the tongue, that smooth and slightly sweet tequila flavor makes you feel like you’re sipping on an expensive cocktail. On the exhale, the sugary agave nectar balances out the other flavors perfectly. Sex On The Beach Sex On The Beach vape juice is a fusion of fruit flavors that refresh you while delighting your sweet tooth. Between the tart cranberries, the sugary peaches and the juicy oranges, you’ll be in flavor heaven as exquisite fruit juice soaks every taste bud. With each inhale of Sex On The Beach e-juice, a medley of cranberry and orange flavors invigorate you on impact. The sweetness of the fruits begins to intensify before a bath of fresh peach juice flows down the palate on the exhale. Create A Vaping Party The e-liquids from Nightlife Elixir will create a party in your mouth whenever you take a hit. If you live for the sweet tastes of fruity cocktails, they belong in your collection.