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The Right Throat Hit Awaits!

A throat hit is the feeling one gets in the throat and in the lungs when they are vaping. Below are some pointers that will assist you to get an appropriate throat hit depending on your needs: E-liquids: When selecting your e-liquid from Mech Sauce one with higher nicotine concentration as it gives the best throat hit. If you select something with a lower nicotine level, you are likely to miss out on a good throat hit as it will feel like a normal breathing procedure. An 8mg and above nicotine concentration should be able to give you an excellent throat hit. It is, however, important to note that anything above 16mg concentration of nicotine is at the cigarette zone. Other ingredients to look for, to add to your e-liquid in order to maximize your throat hit, include cinnamon, grain alcohol, menthol, and capsaicin. These additives will give you different levels and experiences depending on quantity and concentration. The Right Throat Hit AwaitsE-cigarettes: The e-cigarette bought determines the throat hit one will get. Different companies have different types of e-cigarettes and vapers have their own preferences. The e-cigarettes are the devices that change the e-liquid to vapor. Choosing a company that has better quality e-cigarettes is a good way of ensuring that you get the best throat hits. For instance, people who smoke less often will most likely prefer an e-cigarette that has a higher nicotine level as this will make their throat hits more intense and therefore last them a while and vice versa. You will find that e-liquids with the same nicotine levels have different throat hits depending on the e-cigarette used. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-quality e-cigarette to save on costs and maximize on experience whether you are a less or more frequent vaper. Temperature: When using your e-cigarette, the amount of power used directly impacts the throat hit one gets. If you add your temperature or power, you are likely to increase your throat hit experience and the reverse is also true. Airflow: Decreasing the flow of air during vaping increases the concentration of the vape. This, in turn, gives an effective throat hit because the vape is less diluted. This also ensures that the feeling is enhanced with fewer puffs. Tanks: Also known as cartomizers are essential for your vaping experience. They are the tanks that hold the e-liquid. They have a coil that when powered on, change the e-liquid into vapor. When choosing your tank, make sure it fits well with your e-cigarette. Most of them come paired which is very essential. A good paired tank and e-cigarette give the best performance and this, in turn, maximizes your throat hits. Tanks come in four main types namely Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, Standard, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers and Sub-Ohm. Selecting one that fits best for your needs is essential. PG/VG Ratio: The PG e-juice creates a more intense throat hit than the VG e-juice. In order to get a stronger throat hit, it is advisable to use an e-juice with a higher PG concentration. For a much milder throat hit, e-juices with more VG concentration are suitable. Wicking material used: The type of wick determines the outcome of your throat hit. Cotton is the mostly used wick as it produces the cleanest flavors. Unfortunately, it does not have much to offer when it comes to a proper throat hit. Using a hemp wick in place of cotton can boost your vaping experience. The hemp wick is harsher than the cotton and therefore produces a better and stronger throat hit. Every vaper has different wants when it comes to a throat hit. It is important to try out new flavors, different additives, and concentrations. This is, in order, to eliminate what does not work for you and retain what works best for you. Vaping is also a good way of avoiding the consequences associated with smoking the traditional cigarettes.