warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. products for 18+ only.

don't get salty with us

We've heard your cries for more. Salt-Nic is here, and it's our best recipe yet. What makes our Salt-Nic Juice so good?


Salt-Nic is low profile and easy to use in public. If you're constantly worried about making a cloud scene, salt-nic is for you.


With 35mg nicotine, our salt-nic lines last longer, hit quicker, and feel great. You'll never have to worry about longetivity again.


Thanks to our formula base, our salt-nic lines are dramatically smoother than any of our other e-juice lineups. Your throat will thank you.


We know you love our recipes, and with our new formula every salt-nic product has more flavor presence than ever before.

Mango Blast

Taste the rainbow! A refreshing blast (salt-nic, that's no joke) of fruity citrus goodness that you'll keep going back to over and over again.

Dragon Drool

Nothing compares to a glass of cool lemonade on a steaming hot day…except for this dragonfruit lemonade salt-nic blend.