warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. products for 18+ only.

Top 3 cake flavors from mech sauce

have your cake and vape it too!

If nothing gets your mouth watering more than a big, thick slice of moist, fluffy cake, you’re going to absolutely adore these three cake-flavored vape juices from Mech Sauce. Each cake flavor tastes just like one of your all-time favorite desserts. You’ll be able to satisfy your taste buds all day long without worrying about all those calories. 

Cake Flavor #3: Antidote

Light and refreshing strawberry shortcake flavor that will make you feel like summer is in the air. This e-liquid consists of a buttery shortcake that’s smothered in juicy, fresh strawberry slices and piles of perfectly fluffy, velvety whipped cream. The inhale satisfies you with that sweet and tangy strawberry flavor. The juiciness runs down your throat as the savory, buttery shortcake taste comes through. On the exhale, the sweet and silky whipped cream cloaks your tongue. 

Cake Flavor # 2. Pound Face

A mouth-watering slab of pound cake that’s incredibly moist thanks to a generous amount of sweet and tart lemon syrup. You’ll taste the butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla as you vape this irresistible treat. You’ll never want to put this flavor down thanks to its stunningly complex and satisfying taste. Each inhale instantly teases you with the tart lemon flavor. Notes of vanilla and butter start to travel across the tongue. You’ll enjoy that rich pound cake taste, as it soaks into your palate. The exhale is sweet. 

Cake Flavor #1: Oops

A truly decadent cake flavor that consists of layers of moist confetti cake and fluffy vanilla frosting. Every puff will make you feel like it’s your birthday. If you want to really indulge in something sinful while you vape, this flavor is absolutely the way to go. When you inhale, that powerful vanilla taste strikes you in the palate with its smooth and comforting flavor. The rich, buttery cake starts to crawl across the tongue as its sweetness becomes more and more intense. When you exhale, that vanilla frosting intoxicates you. 

Thanks to these three outstanding vape juice flavors from Mech Sauce, you can enjoy your favorite cakes at all hours of the day with zero guilt!