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All about the throat hit regards to vaping

Hello today I’m going to be writing an article about to the throat hit when it comes to vaping, what it is, and why vapers do it. There are many different factors that influence a throat hit. One of the many factors that influence a throat hit is how you tug on the vape, such as mouth to lung hits would be inhaled directly into the lungs eliciting a throat hit. A vapor achieving a throat hit would have probably smoked harsher cigarettes or took a longer pull and enjoyed the sensation that he or she got. Another Factor where a throat hit can be achieved would be the viscosity of the juice or the VG PG ratio. Vg also known as vegetable glycerin carries the flavor of the e-juice. The other ingredient PG also known as propylene glycol is what contributes to the throat hit. The more PG that there is an ejuice would elicit a stronger throat hit. Achieving a throat hit this way would typically be associated with someone new to vaping and who is using a thinner juice in a device that is unable to handle thicker e liquids. Another way a throat hit can be achieved is from the resistance of the coil you’re using and the device that is on top of the mod such as a tank with more restrictive air flow at a lower wattage which someone would pull like a cigarette or a bigger tank with more airflow but someone would draw the vapor directly to the lungs. What are some reasons a vapor would want to achieve a throat hit? One of the reasons of vaper would want to achieve a throat hit is because when they were formally smoking cigarettes the type of cigarettes they smoked were more bold and they associate a throat hit with vaping and the feeling that they get from it like they did when they smoked cigarettes. Another way a vaper can control their throat hit would be selecting an ejuice that either has a higher amount of PG or a lower amount. Throat hit can also be controlled by the amount of wattage you use the amount of air flow there is and the type of coil One is using. Something else that contributes to a throat hit is the profile of the juice. Typically, fruiter flavors like citrus in particular because of the acidity will also contribute to a throat hit. On the other hand any juice that’s more cream-based will deliver less of a throat hit depending on the amount of nicotine in it. Now that we’ve discussed everything about the throat hit how it is achieved controlled why a vapor would want a throat and hit what it is I am going to include some important key notes about the vaping industry and some of the propaganda that is inaccurate to clear up a lot of misinformation. One of the things we hear in the media is that PG or propylene glycol is in antifreeze. Although this is true what is often left out is that propylene glycol when put in antifreeze is industrial grade not food grade which memes that can’t be ingested. In addition to that industrial grade propylene glycol when put in antifreeze is to make it less toxic. Some important key notes about food grade propylene glycol is that it is inhalers. The fact that it is in inhalers and recommended by medical professionals negates the fact that it is toxic regarding vaping. To sum it up and to properly educate people on the two different types of propylene glycol. There is industrial-grade propylene glycol which is not meant to be ingested. There is also food grade propylene glycol which is often found in alcohol and as mentioned before inhalers which obviously can be ingested. It is important to understand that there are many purposes for certain ingredients some can be ingested, and some can’t proper education is necessary so there could be a better understanding.