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Top 3 Menthol E-Juices from Mech Sauce

Summer weather is upon us at last. During the hot months of the summer season, we’re all searching for something that will cool us down quickly. Fortunately, Mech Sauce offers a wide variety of menthol-infused e-liquids that each chill your tongue to its core. Below are our three favorite menthol vape juices from Mech Sauce. Menthol E-Juice #3. Melon Breeze A smooth and refreshing e-liquid for the warm summer months. The blend of juicy, crisp melons and cool, refreshing menthol will absolutely rejuvenate you on those brutally hot days. Your thirst will be satisfied by the melons while the menthol turns down the temperature inside your mouth. The inhale instantly mellows you out with a blend of crisp melon juices and cool mint. The melons become juicier and juicier, leaving your tongue totally soaked. The melons become sweet before a powerful punch of menthol soothes you and cools you down. Menthol E-Juice #2: Mech Mint A luxurious treat that delivers a refreshingly icy finish. A tantalizing vanilla cupcake is infused with the taste of peppermint in order to cool you down while you satisfy your sweet tooth’s cravings for something decadent. The blend of vanilla and mint flavors will make your taste buds feel delirious with joy. As you inhale, the exhilarating combination of vanilla and mint flavors captivates you right away. The richness of the cupcake intensifies as the flavor crawls across your tongue. With every exhale, the minty taste becomes dominant. Menthol E-Juice #1: Arctic Ice A soothing and revitalizing blend of plump, juicy berries and chilly menthol. This flavor is perfect for the summertime weather thanks to its refreshing flavor. With every inhale, you’ll enjoy the mouth-watering tartness and tang from a variety of fresh berries. The berries become sweeter and sweeter before the tongue is blasted with frosty menthol on the exhale. Grab These Summertime Flavors Today! If you want to beat the heat during the summer days ahead, these three menthol-infused vape juice flavors are what you need.