Summer Vape Flavors

If you want to celebrate the summer season in style, these four vape juices from Mech Sauce are what you need. Each vape juice flavor listed below consists of the luscious flavors that we associate with the warm summer months. Each flavor is made with high-quality ingredients and will enchant you with stunning seasonal tastes.

Arctic Ice

The perfect flavor for summertime vaping thanks to its unique ability to both cool you down and take care of your thirst. Juicy, ripe berries refresh you like crazy before a cold menthol breeze invigorates you. Each inhale teases you with rejuvenating tartness from a variety of your favorite berries. The tang of this flavor makes your mouth water as the juice zaps your thirst. Each exhale blasts you with ice-cold menthol.

Sankt hans

Many cultures around the world have held their own summer solstice celebrations, like "Sank Hans" or "Midsummer" which is celebrated on June 24 in Scandinavia.


In ancient China, the summer solstice is considered the “yin” to the winter solstice’s “yang”. Both the summer and winter solstice is a celebration of the influential “switch” of yin to yang.

Angle of approach

The sun is actually farthest from the sun during the summer solstice. The warmth of summer comes from the tilt of our planet’s axis, not from how close it is to the sun at any given time.

Stone Henge

Thousands gather each year across the pond in celebration at Stonehenge during the summer solstice. Experts speculate that stonehenge was created to align with the sun.

Apollo's Nectar

Apollo's Nectar is a rich and creamy pudding that's flavored with fresh blueberries. This e-liquid is the perfect treat after an outdoor barbecue. It will satisfy your dessert cravings while refreshing you with the bright taste of summer berries. As you inhale, the subtle tartness of ripe blueberries thrills your palate. As the blueberry flavor becomes sweeter, that velvety pudding glides across your taste buds. Each exhale is creamy and sweet.

Cronus loves everone

In ancient greece, the summer solstice coincided with the greek festival of Kronia, which honored the god of agriculture, Cronus. This festival was different from other annual celebrations in that slaves and free men both participated in the festivities like equals, and social equality was encouraged during that time of celebration.

Gorilla Snot

The perfect pick-me-up on those extremely hot days of summer. It's a blend of juicy mangoes and creamy bananas. You'll feel like you're sipping on a revitalizing smoothie whenever you take a hit. The inhale satisfies you with the glorious taste of ripe mangoes. When you exhale, that sweet, creamy banana flavor takes over.

The 2018 summer solstice officially begins at 6:07AM E.T. on Thursday, June 21. Although the precise time shifts a bit each year, the summer solstice always falls between June 20 and June 22 each year.


A mouth-watering cotton candy flavor that's enhanced by the taste of fresh blueberries. Each puff is sugary sweet and loaded with berry-flavored goodness. When you inhale, the bright taste of perfectly ripe blueberries satisfies your fruit cravings. As you exhale, the unmistakable taste of spun sugar makes your sweet tooth go wild. These vape juice flavors from Mech Sauce will allow you to make the most of the summer months ahead.

Summer language

Ready for a quick lesson in a dead language? Here it is: The word "solstice" derives from the Latin words “sol” (meaning sun) and “sistere” (which means to stand still). This is because during the solstice, the sun’s position after noon doesn’t appear to move much.


The summer solstice actually marks the beginning of the year on the ancient Egyptian calendar. This is because the the event directly preceded the appearance of the star Sirius. They believed the appearance of this star was the cause of the flooding of the Nile each year, which they relied on for agriculture.

Let's get sauced this summer

Check out our top 4 essential flavors for summer below.


Cool and refreshing menthol is balanced by the sweetness of blueberries in this refreshing e-juice flavor.


Sweet and creamy blueberry pudding for a treat that that lets you skip the line for ice cream.

gorilla snot

Enjoy this sweet, fruity treat without the sticky hands. It smells delicious and tastes even better, banana and mango blends satiate your sweet tooth.


Tastes just like it used to at the carnival. Relieve those great memories or create some new ones with the intesnely sweet flavor of Athena.