Best Dessert Vape Juice of 2018

WHy Dessert Vape Juice?

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Dessert flavored e-juice will never go out of style. Anyone who has a sweet tooth knows that vaping dessert flavored e-juice delivers intense satisfaction without any of those annoying calories. With so many dessert flavors on the market right now, shopping for new dessert e-liquids in 2018 can be a daunting experience. The five dessert vape juices listed below are made with high-quality flavoring agents and are delicately handcrafted. You’ll experience unparalleled vaping pleasure as you indulge in any of these luxurious flavors. Start the new year off right and get your hands on the best dessert vape juice of 2018. 

Batter Up

You know that guilty feeling that washes over you when you eat a huge spoonful of freshly-mixed cake batter? Now, you can enjoy that sinful taste without any guilt. Batter Up dessert vape juice is a tribute to the yummy taste of thick and sweet cake batter. This dessert vape flavor is infused with quality in mind. With delicious strawberries, resulting in layers of decadent tastes. When you inhale Batter Up dessert vape juice, a burst of juicy strawberry flavor smacks you in the tongue. Then, the rich and buttery cake batter flavor balances out the sweetness of the strawberries. When you exhale, the seductive creaminess of the cake batter flavor makes your palate go wild.

Pound Face

So often, we crave nothing more than a buttery pound cake that’s saturated with glorious lemon glaze. The tart lemon flavor balances out the richness of the pound cake so beautifully that we can’t help but eat more and more. The good news is that Pound Face dessert vape juice tastes exactly like this classic sweet savory treat. When you inhale Pound Face vape juice, the lemon flavor is instantly apparent. The tartness dominates as it soaks into the tip of the tongue. Then, the flavor becomes sweeter as that sugary glaze takes over. When you exhale, the buttery flavor of a fresh pound cake satisfies your cravings as a hint of warm vanilla dances on the palate.


The taste of strawberry shortcake immediately fills our minds with happy summertime memories. The blend of buttery cake, juicy strawberries and smooth whipped cream is as dreamy as it gets. Antidote dessert vape juice is remarkably authentic, providing the taste buds with all the layers of flavor that you enjoy when eating a fresh slice on a warm summer afternoon. When you inhale Antidote dessert vape juice, the sweet strawberry nectar fills your tongue right away. The slight tang of the strawberries makes your mouth water. Gradually, the rich and buttery taste of shortcake acts as a base for the succulent strawberry flavor. On exhale, puffs of velvety whipped cream wash over the taste buds. This isn’t the best dessert vape juice in our opinion, but it’s one of our top vape flavors of all time.

Doom Pie

Nothing makes you salivate like a mouthful of dessert vape flavors like rich key lime pie. Doom Pie vape juice is a stunning tribute to this beloved dessert. As you puff away at Doom Pie dessert vape juice, you’ll experience the flavors of tangy and tart key lime custard, buttery graham cracker pie crust and silky clouds of whipped cream. With every inhale of Doom Pie, a velvety stream of key lime custard bathes the taste buds. At first, the tartness dominates. Then, the buttery richness of the custard and that touch of sugar intensifies this flavor experience. When you exhale, the distinctive taste of crumbled graham crackers makes you drool with satisfaction before a flood of rich whipped cream delivers you to flavor heaven. This is seriously one of the best dessert vape flavors of 2018, so don’t miss out!


What makes 'Oops' the best dessert vape juice flavor of 2018?

Despite its name,  this delicious dessert vape flavor will leave you feeling completely certain that you’ve made the right choice after taking your first puff. There’s nothing to dislike about a rich and sweet confetti cake! The combination of buttery yellow cake and sweet, rich frosting will make your sweet tooth go nuts. When you inhale Oops vape juice, the yellow cake flavor takes over your taste buds. The little pops of sprinkles send pleasure signals to the sweet tooth. On the exhale, the rich frosting is the perfect ending to this satisfying experience.

Between the five delicious vape juice flavors listed above, your sweet tooth will experience plenty of satisfaction as the new year begins. They don't taste as good as the real thing; they taste better! What are you waiting for? Try the top dessert vape juice flavors of 2018 today!

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