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Vaping Is Not Smoking!

Far too many people are being misinformed about electronic cigarettes and vaping. Many are still under the impression that vaping is the exact same thing is smoking. The one and only similarity that vaping and smoking have in common is a person inhales and exhales something, but the similarities stop there. In order to debunk the gross misconceptions that people have about vaping, it is important to understand the vast differences between vaping and traditional cigarette smoking. An electronic cigarette goes by a few different names such as e-cig or vaporizer. While the devices may vary in style none of them require a flame and there is no smoke exhaled. The most important difference between vaping and smoking what they contain. A smoker in inhaling tobacco as well as over 4,000 chemicals that are extremely toxic. These toxins are harmful to both the smoker and those who are inhaling second-hand smoke. Upon exhalation, a smoker also exhales a significant amount of carbon monoxide (CO). On the other hand, the liquid that is used for vaping, often known as e-juice, contains roughly four chemicals: propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, flavoring, and water. Propylene glycol (PG) is usually the base ingredient for most juices and is recognized by the FDA and EPA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) PG is a fairly common ingredient in a variety of foods, cosmetic products and used in the pharmaceutical industry.  Unlike traditional smoking, those who are vaping, upon exhalation, only releases minimal trace amounts of nicotine into the air and is none toxic to others, unlike second-hand smoke. Also, upon exhalation, another big difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping does not contain carbon monoxide whereas traditional smoking does. Overall, smoking cigarettes will negatively impact health and increase the risk of developing certain cancers as well as increase the risk of heart disease and respiratory issues. In addition to the risks it poses to the smoker, second-hand smoke has proven just as dangerous. While vaping, on the other hand, pose significantly fewer health risks and pose no threat to those that come in contact with the vapor being exhaled. It is extremely important to become educated about the differences between smoking and vaping instead of placing them into one over generalized category.