Your Tank Leaked, What Do You Do?

What to do when your Vape Tank leaks

There’s nothing more infuriating than when you’re vaping and your vape tank starts leaking e-liquid everywhere, sometimes even into your mouth.

(Haven’t we all been this monkey screaming in a cave with its mouth wide open??) It could be happening for many different reasons but most likely the culprit could just be a case of flooding in your vaping device. You heard it right, folks, flooding! Here’s how it usually goes: user sucks too hard on the cartomizer, which causes excess e-juices to enter the atomizer. Then when the device heats up, the additional e-juice has nowhere to go causing the juice to leak everywhere including your mouth. Gross. Tasting e-liquid by accident can be a less than pleasant surprise, because it really has a nasty taste to it. Another reason you don’t want any flooding in your tank is because it can cause a shorter battery lifespan if the excess liquid is getting into the cartomizer, and you may start hearing a recurring gurgling noise when the battery gets low. 

So what’s the solution? If your tank is leaking and you’re hearing a funny noise, and all clues point to your tank being flooded, just clean your device and put it back together with some new batteries. It’s an easy fix, and it really is that simple! However, sometimes small cracks on the base of the unit can appear from aging or misuse of the vaping tool. There are certain e-liquids that cause plastic tanks to crack (usually fruity favors, cinnamon flavors, and menthol) when the temperature of your device gets too hot. It is advised if you regularly use any of e-liquids above that you buy a vaporizer that has a base that’s made of glass.

Today you can purchase clear glass or Pyrex base tanks that may be a little bit more expensive, but you will not have to deal with the flooding problem again, since you will be able to see how much e-liquid is left in your vaping device at all times. Happy Vaping!