Artisan Breeze – 30ml

Premium Cranberry Menthol Tobacco Flavored e-Juice



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Artisan Breeze is a menthol-tobacco flavored e-liquid with a splash of delicious cranberry and bourbon!
  • • Expertly crafted in Mech Sauce’s own, state-of-the-art facility to ensure consistent quality and taste.
  • • Mech Sauce uses only the highest grades of PG, VG, and nicotine in every e-juice we make.
  • • Available exclusively through Mech Sauce and authorized Mech Sauce dealers.
  • • We ship our vape juice to most states in the USA and to many countries across the globe.
We know that former smokers miss the taste and throat hit of tobacco, so we did our best to bring those flavors to life in our King of Hearts line of e-liquids. For former menthol smokers, we offer Artisan Breeze, a delicious cranberry and menthol tobacco flavor. The first pull is cool and refreshing and the exhale is both fruity and carries the taste of barrel-aged bourbon. You won’t want to vape anything else after you try Artisan Breeze so pick up a bottle now
  • • Artisan Breeze is sold in white glass bottles.
  • • Volume: 30 ml
  • • Nicotine level: 3 mg/ml
  • • Maximum VG only

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