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Premium Smashed Mango Ice Cream Flavored e-Juice



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Bang is the tastiest mango and sweet cream-flavored e-liquid you’ll find anywhere!
  • •All Mech Sauce e-juices are made in our own facility in the United States to maintain high standards of quality.
  • •We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, including nicotine, PG, and VG, in each bottle of our e-liquid.
  • •Thanks to the high VG content of this e-juice, it’s extra sweet!
  • •All of our premium-quality e-liquids sell for the lowest prices possible.
      Mango is already one of the most delicious and decadent fruits out there. Brimming with sweetness and hints of tangy tartness, it is a complex flavor that always keeps you interested. When you combine mango with the flavor of sweet ice cream, you know you’ve got a winner. Try some of our Bang mango ice cream-flavored vape juice for a dessert sensation that is as sweet as it is complex and interesting!
    • •Bottle sizes: 30ml and 120ml
    • •Available in 3mg/ml ONLY!

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120ml, 30ml

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