Grape Drank

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Grape Drank – premium grape juice flavored e-juice by Mech Sauce. Get some of that purple stuff with Grape Drank, our ridiculously flavorful grape juice-flavored e-liquid!
  • Grape Drank boasts the flavor closest to real grape juice that you’re likely to find anywhere!
  • We make all of the Mech Sauce vape juices in the United States out of premium-quality ingredients.
  • We offer premium quality and selection at very affordable prices.
  • Choose the perfect size bottle of our e-juices with just the right amount of nicotine for your needs.
There are very few things in this world as refreshing as a tall, cold glass of grape juice. Relive the experience of cooling off after a hot summer day with Grape Drank! Our premium e-liquids are all designed to mimic the flavors they’re based on in a way that makes them something special. We’ll put our vape juices against anyone else’s and we know we’ll come out on top.
  • 30ml and 120ml bottles available
  • Pick your VG/PG ratio.
  • Choose your nicotine level.

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120ml, 30ml

VG/PG Ratio


Nicotine Level

0, 3, 6, 9

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