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The Fountain e-liquid line from OPMH Project would not be complete without a pure tropical fruit and citrus slushy flavor. Blast Off e-liquid provides you with the amazingly refreshing taste of citrus and lime soda with the smooth, refreshing finish of a summer slushy. 60ml Bottle 3mg/ml

The fountain | coded

Coded from The Fountain is a red soda slushy flavor that OPMH Project created because we love red soda slushies like the rest of the world. We weren?t surprised when it came out tasting amazing, and we aren?t surprised that all of our customers agree. 60ml bottle 3mg/ml

The Fountain | Cherry Ice

The Fountain from OPMH Project has done what so many thought was impossible. Cherry Ice brings you the flavor of the Rainier Cherry without the cough syrup taste we all avoided as kids (and adults). 60ml bottle 3mg/ml

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The Fountain

Blast Off, Coded, Cherry Ice

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