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Premium Orange Ice Cream Flavored E-Liquid


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Orange River – Premium orange dreamsicle flavored e-juice by Mech Sauce. Pick up the world’s best creamy orange ice cream-flavored e-liquid today!
  • We use only the very best ingredients to ensure consistency from batch to batch.
  • You get to choose how much vegetable glycerin you want so you can decide between giant clouds and the most concentrated flavor.
  • Pick your nicotine level to satisfy your cravings.
  • Our prices are affordable but our products are ultra-premium quality.
Mech Sauce’s Orange River is the best way to get all of the best parts of an orange cream ice cream treat without any of the calories! Our expert blend of flavors is silky-smooth, citrusy, and just plain ridiculously tasty! We strike a wonderful balance with the orange flavor on the inhale and a creamy exhale that lingers in one of the best aftertastes you’ll ever have when vaping. We put a ton of work into making this variety perfect, so pick up a bottle or two today!
  • Mech Sauce ships your order out fast.
  • Mech Sauce makes all of our vape juice here in the United States.

3 reviews for Orange River

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Tastes just like an orange dream ice cream..

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’m a bit of a Mech Sauce Junky at this point, on the runs of many flavors I’ve tried so far, Empress Milk remains as a favorite, until I tried Orange River.

    This stuff is insane good, some of their other flavors are so so, but this baby right here is up there, and will be a monthly regular for me like Empress Milk.

    I got it in a 9 nic, and out of the bottle without steeping, this stuff hits like a friggin shotgun on street sweeper detail, you get sharp orange tangy flavor, it’s like a combination of orange hard candy, and the actual fruit, with a teeny hint of tangy citrus/sour on the tip of your tongue, it also has the best cream flavor I’ve tasted, period. The cream is balanced perfectly with the orange, both are heavy, the cream tastes like a combination of whip cream; actual whip cream, whipped meringue, and notes of actual vanilla ice cream.

    It’s a heavy vape, and the flavors are perfectly blended.
    I was not too fond of Smurf Murder, Kettle Head, Goat Gravy, and a few others, because the flavors where soso and did not really match the description, some of the others not mentioned did not fit my flavor profile but at the cost I had to try to find out what my profile exactly is.

    This stuff, is utterly and insanely good.
    Empress Milk, and Orange River are now permanent fixtures in my Monthly Vape Arsenal Loadout.
    Highly Recommended.

    • Hey Man,

      That was an incredible review! I read this review out-loud to my Team and we all were straight up speechless. It means a lot to us hearing this kind of review. We are extremely grateful to have such an awesome customer like yourself that would take time out of their day to give us their thoughts on our flavors. Again thank you Patrick for supporting Mech Sauce!!!

      Don Jr

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I got this in max VG. At first, I did not get much flavor, so I let it steep a few days and now it’s great! There is a slight hint of sour citrus and a sort of dreamsicle that is heavy on orange flavor. I’m sure it varies a little by PG content, but I am not getting a great deal of cream. It’s maybe a bit more like an orangesicle hard candy. I like this and Mech Milk best so far!

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120ml, 30ml

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0, 3, 6, 9

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