Strawberry Aftermath

Premium Sugar Covered Strawberry Flavored e-Juice



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Strawberry Aftermath – premium sugar covered strawberry flavored e-juice by Mech Sauce. Strawberry Aftermath is the most intensely flavored strawberry e-liquid on the market!
  • All Mech Sauce vape juices are made in the USA out of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.
  • Our flavors can’t be matched by anyone else, and neither can our prices.
  • Our vape liquid is available with your preferred ratio of PG and VG, and with or without nicotine.
  • This e-liquid is designed to be a perfect dessert or anytime flavor.
Strawberry Aftermath is the flavor of strawberries on top of strawberries on top of strawberries that are all covered in a fine dusting of sugar. This one is SWEET but still packs a huge strawberry wallop! You’ll never find a better tasting strawberry-flavored vape juice anywhere else, so just stock up on Strawberry Aftermath now!
  • 120ml or 30ml bottles
  • MAX VG available
  • Nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, and 9

Additional Information


120ml, 30ml

VG/PG Ratio


Nicotine Level

0, 3, 6, 9

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