Lucky 7

So you've made it through the corned beef, the cabbage, and you ate your way through a mountain of shepherd's pie. Now it's time for a sweet, vape dessert. We've curated a list of our favorite St. Patrick's Day treat inspired Mech Sauce flavors that will have you feeling lucky, with a few fun facts along the way.

A creamy operation

Medusa Milk

Remember that bottle of Bailey’s you opened once on Christmas then forgot about? Medusa Milk is a delicious, rich Irish cream custard flavored e-juice, and is the perfect choice for any dessert lover or whiskey enthusiast this St. Patrick’s Day. With a light but powerful inhale, and a smooth and creamy exhale, Medusa Milk is also the perfect companion for any designated driver this holiday, and will carry you through the festivities without the hangover the next day.


cows dedicated to bailey's cream production


years guaranteed shelf life of a bottle of bailey's


Percent of packaging & ingredients in Bailey's are sourced from ireland


countries bailey's
is sold in

they're after me lucky arms!

Lucky Arms

Legend has it, if you ever catch the leprechaun, he’ll lead you to his pot of treasures, and that pot of treasures is actually filled with this e-juice! Just kidding. But this marshmallow charm cereal flavored e-juice will take the hassle out of trying to nab some from a certain paranoid little leprechaun. Magically delicious doesn’t even begin to describe this one. See for yourself, order a bottle or two of Lucky Arms and we’ll ship it to you quickly from somewhere clover the rainbow.


Colors in every rainbow on earth


Wishes granted when you catch a leprechaun


in 10,000: Your odds of finding a four leaf clover

sham the what?

Sham The Rock

Why wait for St. Patrick’s Day to come around when you can have this delicious, once seasonal treat year round and in e-liquid form! Our mint chocolate chip ice cream e-juice brings all of the flavor of this cold, sweet treat right to your taste buds, and you don’t even need a spoon. Sham the Rock offers a consistent creamy flavor that lasts all day; the milk chocolate and vanilla bean flavor is accented by a cool, minty exhale that reminds you why this is such a St. Patty’s day favorite.

February 19

National chocolate mint day

59 th

most popular ice cream flavor in the u.S.

First sold in 1953, Girl Scout Thin Mints are still their most popular cookie

pie in the face

Doom Pie

Doom Pie is everything you love about Key lime pies, but better. We traveled all the way to the Florida Keys and battled the local osprey to get our hands on the highest quality fresh Key limes that make up this e-juice! Okay, we didn't do all that. But we did find a way to bottle all the sweet tarteness you love about Key lime pies, the graham cracker cracker crust, even the whipped cream topping. Though this would also be the perfect e-juice to end your St. Patty’s dinner, Doom Pie provides a great taste that lasts all day.

Key West, fl

Nearly every restaurant in this island city serves this delicious dessert

July 1, 2006

House Bill 453 and Senate Bill 676 of the Florida Legislature’s Regular 2006 Session made the Key Lime Pie the official Florida state pie

1 %

Of Vitamin C is contained in just one fluid ounce of lime juice, which helps fight infections. Plus it's delicious, what's not to love?

Freshen up your arsenal

Mech Mint

Perfect for menthol lovers and cupcake fanatics alike, Mech Mint brings you a delectable, sweet cupcake flavor on the inhale that’s balanced by a chilly peppermint frosting on the exhale. This is a great option if you’re looking for something sweet but not overly so, Mech Mint delivers a sweet menthol pick-me-up that would make Saint Patrick himself want to get his hands on.

Liquid gold

Kettle Head

Our expertly crafted caramel kettle corn flavor is both subtle and packed with unbelievable amounts of flavor. All of the best parts about kettle corn are perfectly replicated here and then we kicked it up a notch by adding a drizzle of caramel to the mix. No more sticky hands or annoying visits to the dentist. You’re on your own when the leprechauns come back for their gold, though.

12345 +

tons of gold mined from earth since gold's discovery


Troy ounces in 1 ounce of gold. Since gold is measured differently, Technically speaking, a pound of feathers does weigh more than a pound of gold


Depth of the world's deepest gold mine located in South Africa- that's 10 Empire State buildings.

Let's be spuds

Cinnamon Dream

If you grew up around Philadelphia, you might have had Irish Potato Candy on St. Patty’s Day. For the uninformed- this treat actually contains no potatoes. Nope; just delicious coconut creme rolled in cinnamon made to look like little potatoes. Cinnamon dream will take your taste buds through creamy cinnamon “spuds”.

Although it isn’t known for certain when exactly this delicious confection came to be, this seasonal treat is nostalgic for many people. Most common around St. Patrick’s Day, candy stores in Philadelphia feature this dessert along with other local favorites.

Based out of Pennsylvania, this candy company distributes more of these little “spuds” than anyone on the market. They introduced the world to this yummy treat that’s been loved by Philly’s residents for over a century.

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