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Increase customer satisfaction and open your business to a whole new line of some of the highest quality e-juice available on the market. What's the big deal about our flavors? Find out yourself with a box of our samples when you place an order with us. It'll be the easiest thing you did today.

about our wholesale program

Easy ordering

Order delicious e-juice flavors to stock your shelves- convienient and fast.

huge flavor variety

Why not explore your senses? Get different samples with each box.

discounted products

Found a new flavor? Get it for a discounted rate using your Mech Box Coupon.

Wholesaler Qualifications

A little bit of necessary information before you start:

Location requirements

Unfortunately, there are certain restrictions that limit where we can wholesale to. We offer wholesale opportunities to the following countries: U.S., Pakistan, Iraq, Myanmar, and Cyprus. We avoid the following: UK, India, China, Japan, Russia, and Mexico due to tobacco import restrictions.
The U.S. states of Indiana and Arkansas are also unfortunately currently disqualified from participating in our wholesale program due to licensing restrictions.

Lastly, your business must operate out of a brick and mortar shop.


In order to participate in this wholesale opportunity, you must provide:

• A valid business license

• Tax IDs (both Federal and State)

• Tobacco Re-sellers License*

*If applicable. Requirements vary by state.

Benefit #3

hassle-free ordering

Before we get started on your order, we need to know: Will this be your first order, or are you
a current Mech Sauce Wholesaler looking to re-order? Please make a selection from the options below.

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