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The creative team behind Sasquatch Reserve’s exquisite e-juices is determined to extract the very best flavors out of the finest ingredients that money can buy. Each e-liquid boasts unbelievable taste that will have your mouth dripping with drool whenever you take a puff. Each e-juice is nuanced and complex, giving the palate the experience of indulging in a decadent treat. Cream Of Bourbon Cream Of Bourbon vape juice is a bourbon flavor that’s like nothing else out there. For this high-quality juice, Sasquatch Reserve used bourbon that had been aged in an oak barrel. The addition of cream gives the flavor a silky finish that will make your taste buds feel drunk with pleasure. When you inhale Cream Of Bourbon e-juice, the subtle complexities of high-quality bourbon are immediately apparent. Between the rich caramel taste, the delightful sweetness and the gentle hint of spice, you’ll feel like a bath of real Kentucky Bourbon is passing over your tongue. With each exhale, the cream makes the whole experience even more luxurious. Cream Of Cookie Cream Of Cookie vape juice is a blend of chocolate chip cookies and smooth milk. The cookie flavor has that homemade taste that makes you think of afternoons spent in grandma’s kitchen. The milk is rich and creamy without overpowering the cookie flavor. As you inhale Cream of Cookie e-juice, the comforting taste of warm cookies takes over your senses instantly. You’ll taste the dark brown sugar, the rich butter and the sweet chocolate chips as the cookie taste makes its way across the mouth. When you exhale, the creamy milk adds even more richness as its silkiness soaks into your palate. Upside Down Upside Down vape juice is a stunning tribute to a pineapple upside-down cake. This iconic dessert never fails to hit the spot. The tangy tropical pineapple combined with the sugary and buttery cake will take care of all your sweet tooth’s needs at once. When you inhale Upside Down e-juice, a splash of exhilarating pineapple flavor lands on the tongue. Then, the taste of rum and dark brown sugar makes your mouth water. When you exhale, the buttery and rich taste of moist yellow cake ties everything together. Grab These Vape Flavors Today The e-liquids from Sasquatch Reserve showcase the brand’s unique ability to reproduce flavors that’re incredibly complex. Each will give you the flavor experience that you crave.